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Opinion: With 2G verdict, Manmohan Singh returns to glory

'I am deeply pained and anguished by the falsehood and canards being spread to score political points in a lost cause by none less than Prime Minister Sh. Narender Modi,' Singh said in a statement released by him on Monday.? Photograph:( Zee News Network )

Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India Dec 21, 2017, 01.37 PM (IST) Kartikeya Sharma

The 2G verdict was delivered on the time and date of the choosing of the judge. But what happened in the court took most of us by surprise. For the ruling party, it was a bang from the blue. A knockout punch. For the Congress Party, it was a divine intervention. The verdict removed the stigma of corruption from the party.


The matter will go up to the higher court but will give enough time for the Congress to milk it. It was this case, particularly, Kapil Sibal's famous "zero loss" statement which turned 2G into a hurricane, unsettling BJP's secured nook.


 For now, the acquittal unsettles the political map. It marks the return of Manmohan Singh who was the victim of a vicious campaign. 


Sympathy is a very important ingredient in Indian politics. People at large had stopped sympathising with Manmohan Singh. He was called servile and more loyal to the Congress Party than to the post of the Prime Minister. 


This case changes all of that. It should worry BJP.


Manmohan Singh's credibility was in tatters and the Opposition made him the face of crony capitalism.


 This verdict will enable Singh to be far more aggressive than he has ever been after 2014. Even his limited appearance in Gujarat on GST got him good coverage. This is not to say that Manmohan will regain the centre stage in the Congress. However, he has the capacity to emerge as a tool to attack BJP on many issues and gain sympathy. 


For this, the former prime minister can put BJP in a dock.


 Many can argue that high and mighty never get caught and 2G is going to the Bofors way. However, Manmohan Singh's ability to gather sympathy should not be underestimated. Though the case involved corporates, bureaucrats and DMK leaders, Manmohan had to face the jibe of the Prime Minister Modi where he said that people should learn from Manmohan Singh how to bath in a bathroom wearing a raincoat. 


 The verdict also thickens the relationship between Congress and the DMK despite the fact Prime Minister Modi made a visit to greet Karunanidhi. Today AIDMK lies in tatters despite a solid majority. There are corruption cases against its leaders and the DMK as a house looks far more disciplined. Alighari’s issue has been long settled and the verdict for some time will allow DMK to be politically very aggressive in Tamil Nadu. It will become even more acute for the ADMK as they don’t have Jayalalitha to arrest the reversal of fortune. 


Coming back to the moot point of BJP’s position on corruption, the government will have to explain as to what went wrong during the argument. It will have to convince the public that it ran a genuine campaign against corruption and only the argument has gone wrong. Till then, Congress will have a field day using Manmohan Singh as a victim. After Gujarat, the 2G verdict has again opened the game for the Congress. Let’s see what it makes of it.


(Disclaimer: The opinions expressed above are the personal views of the author and do not reflect the views of ZMCL).

Kartikeya Sharma

Kartikeya Sharma is Political Editor at WION. When he is not working, you will find him travelling, reading or cooking.