Exclusive: Resistance will not die in Afghanistan, says late anti-Taliban leader's brother

New DelhiUpdated: Aug 25, 2021, 06:44 PM IST

Ahmad Wali Massoud Photograph:(Twitter)

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Panjshir Valley in Afghanistan is becoming a focal point for anti-Taliban resistance. Ahmad Wali Massoud spoke about it

Ahmad Wali Massoud, the brother of the legendary anti-Taliban warlord Ahmad Shah Massoud, said on Wednesday that resistance would not die in Afghanistan. 

Speaking exclusively with WION, Massoud described the situation in Afghanistan as "chaotic".

"There is no government...People are panicking, they are running for their lives. Everyone wants to come out of Kabul and different cities," he said.

With surprising speed, Taliban took control of Afghanistan on August 15, following pullout of US troops. 

However, Massoud asserted that resistance to Taliban rule had already started, with Panjshir Valley being at the core of the resistance.

Panjshir Valley lies north of Kabul and is famed for being extremely hard to conquer. Taliban forces have surrounded it but they have not been able to enter and are calling for negotiations.

Massoud warned that if a political solution is not found, the resistance will not remain limited to Panjshir Valley and will spread to entire country.

He said that the younger generation, women and civil society were already part of the resistance.

He was dismissive of Taliban's recent statements about their new rule being different than the last one.

"At the moment they have not shown if they are different than the old Taliban," he said.

Taliban's previous rule was marked by their hardcore religious views and opposition to women's rights.