Opinion: Let Sridevi rest in peace

Written By: Amit Chaturvedi
New Delhi, Delhi, India Published: Feb 27, 2018, 06:49 AM(IST)

Sridevi in a still from the film 'Chandni'. Photograph:( Twitter )

The first female superstar of Hindi silver screen is no more. It's shocking but there is nothing we mortals can do against the wishes of the messengers of death. We must live with it and be gracious enough to offer her family their privacy to come to term with the loss. Grief needs privacy to tide over it.

However, privacy is a commodity that's in short supply with conspiracy theorists having a field day due to discrepancies in the causes of her death. It started off with a cardiac arrest and now it is indicated that it's accidental drowning. The incident in Dubai is also being linked to the sudden demise of Divya Bharti, who died young after just working for three years in the film industry.

While reporting about all the angles related to the demise of a superstar is fine and well within the right of media person, trying to find a controversial angle in every event is not.

As I mentioned earlier too there might be some discrepancies in reports coming out of Dubai but that's in the nature of sudden death. Police will investigate all the angles before giving a clear go ahead. It's a procedural reality. It was reported that she died of a cardiac arrest, but an autopsy report from Dubai later said the reason was 'accidental drowning'. Now reports are emerging that there were traces of liquor too in Sridevi's blood. I think it's moment to moment reporting that's creating more confusion than there is any need.

This is not good. A person has died, respect that. Sridevi's family is trying to get the custody of her body so that it can be brought back to India for last rites. But high-decibel discussions in TV studios, and anchors raising questions like 'When she died of accidental drowning, who floated the theory of cardiac arrest?' make it worse. This live post-mortem in TV studio smacks of insinuation. It seems journalists and 'experts' both are hell bent on proving it is a murder.

I think let the Dubai police complete its investigations and come up with a final report. Based on that people can then draw their own conclusions. As they say facts are sacroscant, opinion is a choice. Stick to the facts if for nothing then just as a mark of respect for the departed soul. In a sombre moment like this, it's very important to stick to the facts. You might not be the first to report that her body has arrived in India, but you will be regarded as a credible media house if you just tell the audience that her cremation will take place at certain place and time or that it has happened, and move on.

Giving out intricate details, imputing motives, indicating towards a conspiracy where none exists or reporting on every little details relevant or not is demeaning someone's demise and heaping untold misery on those left behind to grieve.

Sridevi was a superstar of our generation, we should not start denigrating her just because she is no more and we have a opportunity to see TRP ratings.

(Disclaimer: The opinions expressed above are the personal views of the author and do not reflect the views of ZMCL)

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