World Population Day 2022: History, significance, messages and quotes to share

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New Delhi, IndiaUpdated: Jul 11, 2022, 01:28 PM IST

World Population Day is celebrated for over three decades. The UNDP aims to make people aware of all these issues that overpopulation can create. Photograph:(Twitter)

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World Population Day 2022: World Population Day is celebrated worldwide on July 11. See the wishes, images, messages, and quotes to share with your family, friends, and loved ones

Every year on the 11th of July, World Population day is celebrated. It is celebrated globally, so as to create awareness regarding the global population issues. Established by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in 1989, people have observed World Population Day for more than 30 years. As overpopulation has become one of the major concerns in today's time with the world population increasing rapidly day by day, it is of much significance now. Family planning should be taught to people all over the world so that the rapidly increasing global population can be somewhat slowed down. Overpopulation puts pressure on the existing resources and hence it may pose problems for future generations. The UNDP aims to make people aware of all these issues that overpopulation can create. According to a report by the United Nations Population Fund, it is expected that the world population will hit the 8 billion mark in 2022. 

World Population Day 2022: History and Significance 

The United Nations Development Programme established World Population Day in 1989. This was done soon after the world population crossed the 5 billion mark on July 11, 1987. The United Nations also, by resolution 45/216, in December 1990 had decided to continue observing World Population Day in order to increase awareness regarding existing population issues and also their relations to the environment and development. The day holds a lot of significance because of the issue of overpopulation and hence it is very important to raise awareness. It poses a risk not only to the environment or resources, but also to the mothers and children, who may face health problems or the family may face financial problems.

What is the theme of World Population Day 2022?

The theme for this year's World Population Day is, "A world of 8 billion: Towards a resilient future for all – Harnessing opportunities and ensuring rights and choices for all".

The theme focuses on the problems that people are facing due to overpopulation and mentions that all the 8 billion people living in the world don't have equal rights and opportunities, due to overpopulation, discrimination and inequality increase. Some have access to adequate resources while some cannot even get the basic necessities like food and water. Gender-based discrimination, violence, discrimination based on class and other things are still faced by many people around the world.

World Population Day 2022: Which are the countries with the least population?

According to a report by, Vatican City is the least populated country in the world, which has approximately 800 citizens. After that comes Naura which has 10,876 citizens. Followed by this comes Tuvalu with a population of approximately 11,931. Other countries that come on the list are Palau with a population of 18,169, San Marino with 34,017, Liechtenstein with 38,250, Monaco with 39,511, and Saint Kitts and Nevis with 53,544.

However, the most populated country in the world is China with a population of 1.426 billion, followed by India with a population of 1.412 billion. 

World Population Day 2022: Wishes, images, messages, and quotes to share

Times are gone when we could relax and take it easy. It is time to act and act strongly to control the growth of the population to help our coming generations.

World Population Day messages

When the family is small whatever little they have they are able to share, there are peace and love. Don’t overpopulate. Best wishes on this World Population Day.

World Population Day wishes

Stabilize the population and take steps towards creating sustainable earth on this day. Wish you a very happy World Population Day.

World Chocolate day wishes

losing our eyes towards the problem of population will not eradicate it. It is time and we must act now to secure our present and our future.

World Population Day images

"By improving health, empowering women, population growth comes down". - Bill Gates

World Population Day messages

On this occasion of World Population Day, instead of controlling the growth of every other species let us pledge to control the growth of our own. Wish you a very happy World Population Day!

World Chocolate day wishes

Our natural resources are limited but our population ever so growing. Populate the planet with trees and lots of love. Happy World Population Day!

Not just on World Population Day, but every day, the important population issues existing nowadays should be addressed as a global issue, and people should be taught and made aware of the same. Countries with the highest population like China, India, the United States, and Indonesia should be focused on and people taught the importance of family planning.