Diwali & healthy food? Follow these easy tips to stay fit amid the festivities

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New Delhi, India Published: Nov 01, 2021, 04:07 PM(IST)

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So, giving health a priority, this year, we have got you a list of things you can do to stay fit this Diwali.

Diwali is just around the corner and in India, it is all about eating! 

It's the time of the year when we meet family and friends and consume varieties of festive sweets and snacks. During the festival, the delicious sweets and dishes are mouth-watering and lip-smacking and simply leave us wanting for more. However, oily, sweet food can lead to health issues like bloating, constipation and in the last, most of us end up gaining some extra kilos. 

So, giving health a priority, this year, we have got you a list of things you can do to stay fit this Diwali.

Scroll down to have a guilt-free festival.  


Prefer homemade food:

While, this time when your cheat days are of, still prefer eating homemade food. People eat lots of sweets and snacks during the festival. But, still eating homemade items will save you. Prefer eating snacks, sweets and food that are made fresh at home using good quality oil instead of ones purchased from stores. Still, keep a track of when you eat, what you eat and how much you eat.

Ditch oily food:

Food is the most important aspect of any occasion. During the festival, the delicious delicacies are something we can't ignore, but we can use our brain and with the help of innovations, we can cut out on a lot of extra calories. Make your dish and instead of frying them in oil, you can bake or use the air-frying method. This method will surely reduce oil consumption. 

Avoid overeating:


It's that time of the year when your day is all about eating -- no matter what we binge on - whether it's sweets or greasy food. But if you seriously want to resist overeating, stick to it and guide your brain and heart accordingly.

If you want to eat less, stay hydrated. It will help eat less. Small trick: Drink a whole glass of water before eating, you simply won't eat as much.  Another thing you can do for overeating is to skip the extras. Stick to the main course and avoid the side things in the plate and snacks too.

Add this food to your diet:

To maintain a diet is tough when so much tempting food is around, so we suggest, some foods that you can add to your diet and make your Diwali healthy and light. 

Add Cucumber, it always tops the list of dieters and has zero fat and calorie and is made up of mostly water. Cucumber keeps you hydrated, but also helps shed extra fat stored in the body. From main courses to mocktails, there are plenty of snacks made from cucumber. 

The second is Spinach, super-rich in proteins and iron. There are so many dishes in our Indian cuisine, that you can make with this green vegetable. 

Beetroot: Another food that is low in calories and high in fibre. So, make a delicious and colourful beetroot salad and add it to your dinner meal, which can be enjoyed by your guests we well. For more details, go and google. 


Go easy on the booze:

During festive gatherings, sipping fizzy drinks can make you dehydrate and increase your calorie intake. Also, one should also have control over alcohol intake. Cocktails which are a combination of alcohol and juices should be ignored a little and 1 or 2 drinks are enough.

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