Hasan Minhaj after being denied entry to Modi-Trump event: Never got a chance to say Howdy, Modi

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New DelhiUpdated: Sep 25, 2019, 06:08 PM IST
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American-Indian comedian Hasan Minhaj was denied entry to ‘Howdy, Modi’ event in Houston citing lack of press credentials and limited accommodation for crews as the reason. 

After American-Indian comedian Hasan Minhaj was denied entry to ‘Howdy, Modi’ event in Houston, he has something to say on the whole issue. 

Being his satirical best, Hasan said that he did not get a chance to say "Howdy, Modi" at the event where Indian PM Modi and the US President Trump addressed over 50,000 people. He tweeted, "Never got a chance to say Howdy Modi,” along with a link to his conversation with Seth Meyers.

Addressing the issue on the Late Night talk show with Seth Meyers, Hasan pointed, "I have to be there. We submitted our press credentials and immediately got an email saying 'we are out of space'. You are out of space in a football stadium? C'mon."


He also mentioned that the organisers told him later that he was denied entry to the NRG stadium where the event was taking place "because of some of the comments you have made". "Wow. I am sorry for making fun of cricket," he told the organisers who then replied, "No. the comments you have made about Prime Minister Narendra Modi are not appreciated and you have been blacklisted."

Hasan is a popular host of weekly Netflix show ‘Patriot Act’. He is best known for his sharp satirical comedy writing as he has on numerous occasions targeted Modi as well as Trump’s policies.

The comedian told Seth, "They (President Trump and PM Modi) were full-on swinging; it was a strange thing to see. But PM Modi had sold out NRG Stadium, and 50,000-plus people showed up. And then Donald Trump was all open. And I am like, oh, gotta go. This is like Jay-Z and Beyonce... so I gotta be there.”

"A lot of people in the Indian community don't rock with Trump, but because of this weird pairing they just had to stand for DJT. Like, imagine if you got Ed Sheeran ticket for free at the sold-out NRG Stadium and a week before, there is a special guest, Bill Cosby. You got a monster but I really wanna hear Shape of You…," he said.

He then also pointed out that while he was denied entry for his comedy, he was honoured for the same. He was mentioned among the Indian Americans who have made both countries proud with their contribution in different fields including comedy. He told Seth, "So I'm in the parking lot and I'm just watching this whole thing on live stream while I'm looking at the stadium and watching this program. And during the program, they are honouring prominent Indian Americans. 'Indian Americans have done so much in arts, music even comedy'. And then they show a photo of me in the Jumbotron and people start clapping. So, they were honouring me for my comedy while also blackmailing me and blackballing me and kicking me out for my comedy."

"It was the most Indian thing ever. 'They were like, we're proud of you, but we'll never say it to your face.' It tore me apart, man," Hasan said. 

Hasan had tweeted that he was going to attend the event with his crew and had even shared a picture from outside the stadium, right before he was stopped. See the tweet here: