US comes to the rescue when China ramped up oppressions campaign in Tibet

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New Delhi, Delhi, India Published: Dec 28, 2020, 11:22 PM(IST)

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This report will tell you the crimes of the dragon in Tibet

The new American law to bolster support to Tibet comes at a time when China has stepped up its oppression campaign in Tibet. 

From people being forced into re-education camps to forced labour, China's Xinjiang playbook is implemented in Tibet. 

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This report will tell you the crimes of the dragon in this region. 

China has built multiple slave camps across Tibet which are run by People's Armed Police, a paramilitary organisation.

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Rural Tibetans moved into these camps must dress in uniforms and perform military drills. 

Reports say their teaching program includes curriculum on skills, legal, and gratitude education and all the subjects have one driving theme, loyalty to the Communist Party of China. 

News agency Reuters earlier this year conducted an investigation into these camps and they found local-level officials have been given quotas. 

These officials must send a fixed number of Tibetan workers to factories where they are employed in low-paying jobs. Officials who meet their quotas are rewarded. Those who fall short of quotas are punished. Bigger districts have bigger quotas. 

In the first seven months of 2020, more than half a million people were trained in these camps, which is 15 per cent of Tibet's population. 

Out of these, 50 thousand people were transferred to jobs within Tibet, while thousands more were shipped across China.

Many of them ended up in low-paying jobs in textile, manufacturing, construction and agriculture, among others.

Why does Beijing want to ship out Tibetans?

The exodus is part of a campaign of cultural cleansing for forced assimilation of Tibet into China. 

China's Tibet mission has several objectives. 

First, it wants to homogenise the population and to do that Tibet is being flooded with the majority Han Chinese. 

Six years ago, China began promoting mixed marriages between Han Chinese and Tibetans.

From 2008 to 2013, mixed marriages saw double-digit growth in Tibet. 

The government also offered incentives for such marriages, including social security, vacations, reproductive rights, among others. 

In fact, children that were a product of mixed marriages were promised special treatment, including funding for education, assured employment and even membership of the Communist Party. 

Beijing followed this up with an assault on the Tibetan culture and faith and recently local officials ordered the destruction of Tibetan flags. 

A U.S. State Department report lists more crimes of the Communist Party. 

There are reports of former detainees being beaten up until they lost consciousness. Monks and nuns being forced to wear military clothing and undergo political indoctrination in detention centres. 

The US has accused the Chinese government of restricting the size of Buddhist monasteries with evictions of monks and nuns who are being banned from practising Buddhism. 

All this tells one story that Tibet has become a police state with the iron hand controlling the life of every Tibetan and execute forced assimilation of Tibet into China. 

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