Pamela Anderson spoke about her wild love life to Piers Morgan, said 'one man can't do it all'

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USAUpdated: Mar 02, 2018, 09:52 AM IST
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Pamela Anderson Photograph:(Twitter)

Pamela Anderson, former Playboy model who has been married four times and has never been shy to talk about her relationships has now revealed some more explicit details about her love life to Piers Morgan. 

Speaking on Piers Morgan's Life Stories, the 50-year-old model-actress turned activist spoke candidly about the men in her life as she hinted at past relationships. She hinted at a romance with the likes of Vladimir Putin, 65, Julian Assange, 46, Sylvester Stallone, 71, and of course her current flame, footballer boyfriend Adil Rami, 32. 

Anderson spoke about her connect with Putin with whom she successfully lobbied to get him to ban the hunting of seals in 2009. 

She then teased a romantic relationship with Assange by answering to Morgans' question of them being together as being "mostly" good friends. She had previously stated: "I wouldn't say it's romantic, but we are very close."

Anderson also spoke about her rapport with Sylvester Stallone who she claimed attempted to woo her by offering her an apartment and a car. She, however, declined the offer. 

Anderson went on to explain that she always her aunt's mantra that "One man can’t do it all", as she explained that she has different men in her life that stimulate different parts of her.

She then said that her heart remains with her current boyfriend, Marseille footballer Adil Rami - who she now lives with, in France. She said, "He is fantastic. I love him, of course. I probably should not be talking about it. I am so bad. I have no filter. So bad. You are so good. It is what it is. I am happy in France."

On another note, she also revealed that men in Hollywood must not feel that they can't make the first move in the wake of the sexual misconduct scandal. She said, "Obviously, I am supportive of women and feel for women that have been made sexual advances on that they don’t want, but I also feel for the men too. I have two young boys and I always was very worried about a woman falsely accusing them of something and ruining their lives, so I thought people ask me if I’m a feminist and I don’t want women or men telling me how to be a woman. I prefer men to be passionate and aggressive and make the first move, and you don’t want men to feel like they can’t, but obviously there are people that go too far."

Anderson, interestingly, also added that being vegan is "better for your sex life".