Cruise ships banned from St Mark's Square in Venice to protect historical heritage

WION Web Team
Venice, ItalyUpdated: Mar 26, 2021, 06:21 PM IST

Cruise ship at St Mark's Square, Venice, Italy Photograph:(Reuters)

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The government has urged people to come up with ideas for creating a cruise ship terminal outside the lagoon

St Mark's Square in Venice has served as an important landmark for cruise ships. 

However, things are now set to change as the Italian government has decided to not let cruise ships sail past St Mark's Square in Venice anymore. All cruises will now be asked to dock at the lagoon city's industrial port.

The decision has been jointly taken by the ministries of infrastructure, culture, tourism and the environment to "protect a cultural and historical heritage that belongs not only to Italy but to the entire world".

Although the government has also clarified that this is a temporary solution. The four ministers have urged people to come up with ideas for creating a cruise ship terminal outside the lagoon. 

The government welcoming ideas that will help "give a structural and definitive solution to the problem of large ship transit in Venice".

While the tourist sector was booming due to the increase in cruise ships in the area, the government believes the giant vessels were an eyesore and more importantly, a potential safety hazard for the historic buildings that they passed through so closely. 

These cruise ships are also being observed as a threat to the vulnerable ecosystem of the lagoon.

As of now, cruise ships are suspended in Italy due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has taken more than 160,000 lives in the country.