China struggles to control fresh Covid outbreak before Winter Olympics

WION Web Team
Beijing, ChinaUpdated: Oct 30, 2021, 05:50 PM IST


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Nearly six million locals in China have been put under travel restrictions in cities where cases of coronavirus were detected recently

After celebrating few months of Covid-free enjoyment, China is once again under the threat of another serious outbreak of coronavirus pandemic in the country.

Beijing is now introducing new Covid curbs to stay a step ahead of the incoming surge of Covid cases, a few days before the Winter Olympics.

The capital city of China, Beijing, has established strict zero-tolerance policy as nearly 14 provinces all around the country have been hit with a new infection wave.

Describing the situation as "serious and complex", the authorities have ordered all cinema halls to shut down till November 14, especially near the Tiananmen Square in the capital’s Xicheng district. Nearly six million locals have been put under travel restrictions in cities where cases of coronavirus were detected recently.

These restrictions have been brought in to make sure that the country is able to control the rise in Covid cases before the Winter Olympics kick off — then event is scheduled to start in less than 100 days.

In addition to restrictions on entertainment venues, one of the biggest train operators has also decided to suspend or at least limit routes in specified affected areas of the country. A lot of outgoing flights from Beijing were also cancelled from Friday onwards. Authorities are urging locals to stay indoors and specifically not leave the city to make sure the infection in contained within the borders, and does not spread to the entire nation.

Capital city’s citizens have also been asked to cancel all upcoming weddings as citizens are being urged to stay indoors and avoid public gatherings at all costs.

Meanwhile, authorities have been conducting mass Covid tests in the country and are urging locals to get vaccinated against the deadly coronavirus as soon as possible to make sure the spread of the virus can be curbed.