'Build Back Better': Poll reveals only 6% British public wants a pre-COVID style economy

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New Delhi, IndiaUpdated: Jun 29, 2020, 06:57 PM IST


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Groups such as trade unions across the United Kingdom demand a fairer financial recovery

A new poll has revealed that only six per cent of the British public wants the revitalisation of the economy as it existed before coronavirus wreaked havoc across the globe and decapitated the economy.

Groups such as trade unions across the United Kingdom demand a fairer financial recovery, and the people have rejected the idea of economy as it existed.

A YouGov poll revealed that 31 per cent people seek a major overhaul to the functioning of the economy, while 28 per cent asked for moderate changes. Additionally, only six per cent people seemed okay with how things were running before the pandemic hit.

Additionally, 44 per cent people showed negative feelings toward the future of the economy, while only 27 per cent exhibited optimism. Out of the total voters, 49 per cent said that the pandemic had deepened economic inequality.

350 influential British figures recently sought “fairer and greener” economy in the aftermath of COVID-19. These included the former archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, the former head of civil service Bob Kerslake.

Kerslake said, “As the country begins to emerge from the crisis, it is becoming clear that people want a better future, not simply to return to where we were before. As with big crises in the past – from wars to the Great Depression – it was universally agreed that there was no going back”, the Guardian reported.

Build Back Better

The “Build Back Better” campaign was spearheaded by the New Economics Foundation, who also commissioned the study.

As part of this, people are asking for an economy recovery that is more people-centric and socialist in nature. It asks for more funding to the National Health Service, and to address inequality so that new jobs can be created.

Labour leader Keir Starmer attacked Conservative Johnson for “inaction and broken promises” in the last ten years, while referring to his plans to spend billions on the country’s economic recovery. Starmer also called for increased spending on education and healthcare, especially for young people.

“Our recovery from the coronavirus crisis needs to match the scale of the challenge. It must be built on solid foundations. It has to work for the whole country and end the deep injustices across the country”, Starmer added.