Thousands protest in London, say 'No to Boris, Yes to Europe’

Thousands of anti-Brexit protesters took to the streets of London in a 'No to Boris, Yes to Europe' march on Saturday (July 20). Colorful banners and European Union flags filled the streets, with crowds singing and chanting as they marched towards Parliament Square. The protesters are calling for a second referendum, while some saying they want a complete stop to the Brexit process. The European Union is preparing to offer Boris Johnson, the favorite to be Britain's next prime minister, a no-deal Brexit extension beyond October 31, the Guardian newspaper reported on Friday (July 19). Brexit without a divorce deal would abruptly wrench the world's fifth-largest economy away from the bloc. Critics say this would undermine global growth, buffet financial markets and weaken London's position as the pre-eminent international financial centre. Britain is yet to leave the EU, more than three years after the country voted by 52% to 48% in a referendum to leave the bloc.