Sumomomomomomomomo: Horse with this exact name has won a race in Japan

WION Web Team
New DelhiUpdated: Nov 02, 2021, 11:00 PM IST

Sumomomomomomomomo racing to the finish line Photograph:(Twitter)

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The bizarre bizarre name of Sumomomomomomomomo, has created quite a stir on social media after the horse won race in Japan

World digs originality right? What if you want to call yourself 'Ye' even when you are bestowed with a name that has already become a strong brand? If you want to show you are different, unique and you're loaded like Kanye West, you can call yourself anything and make even that famous.

Fancy 'Sumomomomomomomomo'? Your precious pet may sound different than other Toofies and Tommies. But you're late because this one's taken. And the horse with this name has already won a race in Japan so it's already famous. Poor you!

Check out the video below to see how this horse made commentary of this race a pretty tough task.


The commentator appears to have done a good job as Sumomomomomomomomo sped ahead from relative disadvantage to zoom towards victory. Nobody's is calling him Zooming Sumomomomomomomomo however. You can literally see (and can't pronounce) the reason why.

No wonder that the horse is being dubbed as an animal that makes commentators cry.

But why this name? Why not simple Seabiscuit or something?

Well the name has been derived from a Japanese tongue twister that means “plums and peaches are both peaches.” So there is (some) logic to all this.

But the horse is getting really famous online. Twitter users are amused and befuddled at the same time.

Looking at the growing buzz, Sumomomomomomomomo's owners should quickly register the brand name right? But considering the hard time they'll get in future deciding which one is a violation with how many 'mo's, it is understandable if they just want to celebrate the victory for now.