'A plot involving Bill Gates': Premier League players have bizarre 'conspiracy theories' about Covid and vaccines

WION Web Team
New Delhi, IndiaUpdated: Oct 01, 2021, 09:02 PM IST


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The reports have revealed that the Premier League has written to clubs informing them of plans to "reward" teams who have the highest numbers of vaccinated players

There's no denying the fact that the spread of coronavirus can be curbed by following appropriate rules and safety measures, i.e. social distancing, using face masks, getting jabbed, etc. But anti-vaxxers continue to come up with bizarre conspiracy theories, falsehoods, misinformation to oppose COVID-19 vaccines and restrictions imposed by governments around the world. 

Recently, a similar incident from the football world grabbed attention when a report showed the magnitude of the English Premier League's vaccination problem as it has been revealed that almost two-thirds of top-flight players are yet to be fully vaccinated against coronavirus. 

Now, what's making it worse is another angle of the same report by Daily Mail, that revealed some players are not only refusing to get vaccinated but they are spreading so-called "conspiracy theories" involving Bill Gates, infertility and the power of vitamins about the vaccines. 

"It's very frustrating and hard to know what to do, as the conspiracy theories have really taken hold in some dressing rooms," a club doctor told the paper. 

"We've got senior players, intelligent men, coming out with all sorts of nonsense and they won't be budged. One of them told me he didn't need the vaccine because he could boost his immunity by taking vitamins," he added. 

"Some of the stuff they're reading — and believing — on the internet is incredible. Players are saying that it will make them infertile, that it's part of a plot involving Bill Gates, the pandemic is just propaganda. The real problem is that they're also polluting the minds of younger players," he further said. 

The Mail also reported that the Premier League has written to clubs informing them of plans to "reward" teams who have the highest numbers of vaccinated players. 

The letter, which was sent to clubs last week, highlighted that the league is stepping up its efforts to ensure more players are fully vaccinated due to fears over a slow uptake. 

The letter as quoted by the media portal read: "According to the data we have, only seven clubs' squads are more than 50 per cent fully vaccinated, so we have a way to go."

"We are considering if and how best we can 'reward' those squads/players who are most Covid-compliant and who have opted to be vaccinated," it added. 

"It is increasingly clear that full vaccination will be the key criteria for Government and health authorities, in terms of international travel and potential Covid certification at large scale events,'" a part of the letter read.