A batsman of Virat Kohli's calibre understands the game, he will have his own plans: Sachin Tendulkar

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New Delhi, Delhi, India Published: Jun 16, 2021, 12:46 PM(IST)

Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli Photograph:( AFP )

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These men, alongside various different greats, have been at the apex of the game and they keep on motivating the present and the group of people yet to come of cricketers.

When it comes to cricket, there aren't many better than batting legend Sachin Tendulkar and current India skipper Virat Kohli. The two, alongside different greats, have been at the apex of the game and they keep on motivating the present and the group of people yet to come of cricketers.

Ahead of the World Test Championship final, legend Sachin Tendulkar excused discussions of Virat Kohli's evident shortcoming outside the off-stump that prompted the last's arid visit through England in 2014. 

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The cricket legend accepts the region outside off in the fourth or fifth stump disturbs practically all players and isn't explicit to the Indian captain. He additionally accepts that a quality player like Virat Kohli will have his own arrangements to handle the issue. 

In a conversation with ANI, Sachin Tendulkar said: 
"I think outside the off-stump or whatever that is, all batters get out from there. So, I won't look at whatever shot he is playing. What is the percentage that Kohli is getting the shots right, and how many times he has been dismissed? If we compare that, then the player has to assess and plan that these are the areas I need to tighten up. But I wouldn't worry too much about all those things, it has been fine, to be honest."

"I am sure a batsman of his Virat Kohli's caliber understands the game as he is a good student. He will have his plans. It need not be that 'okay, I am not going to play this shot'. Sometimes you know, you adjust your stance and do many things at the crease that the bowlers sometimes don't pick. All those minor tweaks one can do" - he added. 

Virat Kohli oversaw only 134 runs at an average of 13.4 on India's England visit in 2014, with James Anderson abusing his shortcoming around the off-stump. 

After he got back from England, Virat Kohli had a couple of meetings with Tendulkar in Mumbai, where the last caused him to understand the significance of enormous walks and forward press against pacers. The minor specialized changes assisted him with advancing a superior player. The following time Virat Kohli visited England in 2018, he bested the run diagrams, scoring almost 593 runs at an average of 59.3. 

Indeed, even an incredible player like Sachin Tendulkar had his issues around the off-stump region during India's Australia visit in 2003-04. The batting maestro had a helpless run until the fourth Test, getting out while driving the ball. 

"I started not playing that shot drive, but it wasn't decided in the dressing room. I went there on the field and figured out their strategy is to keep the ball away from me, so I said, okay, let's see who loses patience first. It was me against the 11, and I thought if you keep bowling the ball there, I will keep leaving it. If it is for two days, I will. It happened on the field, and I am sure with him also, he will realize what they are trying to do, and then you should have the flexibility to move from Plan A to Plan B and respond to various challenges."

The terrific finale, which will cut down the shades on a two-year-long competition, will be played at the Rose Bowl in Southampton. The match is scheduled to start on June 18.

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