WION Edit: How Wuhan coronavirus will impact the world?

DelhiWritten By: WIONUpdated: Feb 28, 2020, 02:59 PM IST

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If the virus spreads any further, the world will be staring at a much bigger disaster.

The coronavirus outbreak originated in Wuhan. Now, it has escaped the barriers of borders to reach at least 47 countries. Every continent, except Antarctica, is now fighting the Wuhan virus.

And it is showing no signs of slowing down. This outbreak is impacting the world in more ways than one. When the first cases were reported from China, Beijing put 150 million people under a lockdown. More than 50 countries slapped travel restrictions on China.

Now, similar restrictions are being replicated for hotspots like Iran. 

The global economy is already feeling the impact of this outbreak - supply chains have been disrupted and if the disease spreads further, critical sectors could be hit.



According to a report, the coronavirus outbreak threatens shortages of about 150 drugs - this includes antibiotics and generics. There can be a shortage of some branded drugs also that don't have alternatives. 

Authoritarian china forced people to stay inside homes. But, the virus is already forcing democracies to restrict the free movement of people.

In Italy, a cluster of 10 communities have been placed under quarantine - it is called a red zone. Italian authorities have cordoned off areas with populations of more than 50 thousand.

With global agencies like the WHO trying to play catch up with the outbreak - fears of the people are growing. The rapid spread of the coronavirus has now raised the specter of a global pandemic. Time has come for a coordinated global response to battle the crisis.

Because if the virus spreads any further, the world will be staring at a much bigger disaster.

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