'Parasite' is worth all the hype

Delhi Feb 04, 2020, 01.06 PM(IST) Written By: Krishnakumar K

'Parasite' leads the race Photograph:( Reuters )

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'Parasite' does everything from making you laugh hard with dark humour to gasping hard while biting your nails with tension.

How much can you expect from a film? How fair is it to ask a film to perform according to our expectations? Can a film ever be worth the hype when we are already told it has won several big awards?

These were some of the questions in my mind when I sat down to watch 'Parasite'. It's not the first time that a foreign-language film has raised so much curiosity. But it's different this time around.

'Parasite' is a serious challenger for the Best Picture Oscar. No foreign film in history has come this close. It has already been named the Best Foreign Film in nearly every single award show this season.

The film has been nominated for a total of 6 Oscars, including Best Director, Best Original Screenplay and Best Editing.

It has already won the Screen Actors Guild Award. The term gargantuan expectations feels like a joke here.

And yet by the time I was done watching it, I had no idea what just hit me. One of the most unique films I've seen to date. A film that cannot be slotted in any genre.

If at all there is one, then it can be named after this filmmaker - Bong Joon Ho.

Before 'Parasite', he made a film called 'Okja'. An action-adventure film about a girl who raises a genetically modified pig, which is nearly the size of an elephant, and an evil multinational corporation wants to acquire it at any cost.

Yeah, he is that weird. But in a way that delights our senses while watching his movies. I'll give you this for a synopsis of 'Parasite' - poor & jobless family befriends rich family to work in their household, and tries to act wealthy. Things turn messy. That's all you need to know.

But in the times of the internet, you would search and read far more. But seriously - don't. In fact, don't be friends with people who tell you the story of this film before you go watch it.

My friends just oohed and aahed after watching it not telling me even a single real word. And thank god for that.

It was a wallop of movie experience! 'Parasite' does everything from making you laugh hard with dark humour to gasping hard while biting your nails with tension. And when it's done, it won't leave you for the next 2-3 days - at least.

I couldn't stop reading about it and watching analytical videos online. There's so much subtext, that it's like a mini-crash course in Korean culture and history.

Despite the fact that the film is set in current times and you don't need to know anything about South Korea to understand it. Probably because it has something at its core, that's extremely relevant to the whole wide world.

The unbridgeable gap of wealth inequality in society. Don't worry, the film is the polar opposite of a boring sermon on the topic. It thrills you and fills you with an insatiable urge to know what's gonna happen next.

Nearly all your guesses about the twists and turns of the film will be wrong. Don't bother. All the film needs is a genuinely open-minded viewer who wants to be entertained. And as a bonus, it gives you something to think about as well.

'Parasite' is like a slap on the conscience of the upper-middle class and the upper class.You'll know it when you see it.

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