Krishnakumar K

K Krishnakumar

Anchor & Executive Producer

Krishna Kumar is a TV news Anchor at WION(World Is One) in Delhi NCR. A senior broadcast journalist, he has expertise in a wide gamut of subjects including Business, Politics, Films & Entertainment, Technology and Sports.


'Parasite' is like a slap on the conscience of privileged ones

'Parasite' is like a slap on the conscience of the upper-middle class and the upper class of society.

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When a man loves 'Little Women'

This film is based on a classic American novel that was part of school syllabus for many in India.

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Oscars 2020: It's not always about the winners

Did you know why an award given by the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences is called an Oscar?

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'Parasite' is worth all the hype

'Parasite' does everything from making you laugh hard with dark humour to gasping hard while biting your nails with tension.

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'Honeyland': One film that nobody will recommend, but you must watch

'Honeyland' is nominated in both the non-fiction and fiction categories of the awards.

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The Oscars boot camp

So be it 'Joker' or 'Parasite'- the parallel between the end of the 1990s and the beginning of the 2020s are fascinating.

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'Me' fascinates you with insights into Elton John - the person

The story of Reg Dwight becoming Elton John is told with such characteristic brit wit and dry humour that you willingly want to indulge in it.

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