KP Sharma Oli’s constant anti-India rhetoric is harming India-Nepal relations

Written By: Harshil Mehta
Delhi Updated: Jul 01, 2020, 04:52 PM(IST)

Oli and Modi Photograph:( PTI )

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K P Sharma Oli is targetting India to hide his own incompetence at every level.

KP Sharma Oli, Prime Minister of Nepal and leader of Communist Party of Nepal, is in unmanageable crisis right now. A faction in his own party, led by former PM and Maoist sympathizer Pushpa Kamal Dahal (Prachanda), wants him to resign.

He is losing his support on the ground over various governance issues. China has also reportedly annexed the Rui village of Nepal against which opposition parties have protested. According to reports, China has gradually made inroads into several Nepalese territories with an ulterior aim to seize complete control.

Amidst the crisis, Oli once again targetted India to gather sympathies. On June 28, he alleged that meetings were organised in the New Delhi to remove him from the post of PM. This statement, however, backfired. A 44-member standing committee meeting was organised two days later in which chorus for his exit became louder. The Himalayan Times, leading Nepali daily, has reported that “party co-chair Pushpa Kamal Dahal asked PM Oli to quit owing to the government’s gross and all-around incompetence.” 

It is a long-standing policy of India not to interfere in the domestic politics of any other nation. Oli’s statement can create mistrust and suspicion towards India among common Nepalese people. Consequently, if Oli is removed then India will be considered an invisible factor behind it. 

To cover his incompetence, Oli has already provoked Nepalese territorial nationalism. His government brought a constitutional amendment to incorporate Indian territories Kala Pani, Limpiyadhura and Lipulekh in the political map of Nepal. 

Sarita Giri, Nepalese parliamentarian from the socialist party, had opposed this amendment and she proposed that it should be dropped. As a result, her home was attacked by protesters raising racist slogans against India and she was threatened to leave the country. Her party didn't stand by her, instead, it warned her with expulsion. This was the result of protesting Oli’s proposed amendment. 

This constitutional amendment, with the support of main opposition party Nepali Congress and other opposition parties, was passed in both houses of parliament. Madeshi parties, which generally stand with India, also supported this amendment. If they had not supported amendment then Oli or his supporters would have labelled them as a “traitor” or as an “Indian agent”. 

Oli is using India as a scapegoat to hide his incompetence at every level. This constant anti-India rhetoric by Oli could cause unimaginable damage to Indo-Nepal relations.

(Disclaimer: The opinions expressed above are the personal views of the author and do not reflect the views of ZMCL)

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