Trump accuses India, China of taking advantage of 'developing nations' tag in WTO

WION Web Team New Delhi Aug 14, 2019, 02.49 PM(IST)

US President Donald Trump. Photograph:( AFP )

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President Trump said India and China - the two economic giants from Asia - are no longer developing nations.

US President Donald Trump on Tuesday said that countries like India and China take advantage of the 'developing nations' tag from the WTO.

Addressing a gathering at Pennsylvania on Tuesday, President Trump said "China, India, many countries - for a long time, they viewed them as “they’re growing.” Right? They’re “growing nations.” We’re a “mature nation.” They’re growing. These are “growing nations," said US president.

"Well, they’ve grown. And they had tremendous advantages. But we’re not letting that happen anymore, okay? We’re not letting that happen anymore," he added

Donald Trump told the conference that economic growth promoted by his policies would help the world, in an attempt to square his “America First” agenda with globalism.

Trump, championing his 'America First' policy, has been a vocal critic of India for levying "tremendously high" duties on US products and has described the country as a "tariff king".

Last February, India slashed the customs duty on imported motorcycles like Harley-Davidson to 50 per cent after Trump called it "unfair" and threatened to increase the tariff on import of Indian bikes to the US.

Trade between and India and the US was worth $142.1 billion in 2018, with India having a surplus of $24.2 billion.