Coronavirus lockdown: 5 apps to kill your boredom

Delhi Apr 09, 2020, 05.06 PM(IST) Written By: Ankit Tuteja

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Try out some of these apps that promise to not only help you kill boredom, but also boost your brain power.

No matter which part of the world you are living in, chances are you are in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, and stuck indoors for your own good. Some of us may be spending more time meeting our professional targets, others keep themselves occupied with household chores, and then there are those who are utilising this time to nurture their hobbies. But if you are among those who are struggling to make the most of the day, try out some of these apps that promise to not only help you kill boredom, but also boost your brain power.

1. QuizUp: The quiz app is pretty interesting and has something for everyone. The app includes a wide range of topics to choose from such as logos, movies, TV series, sports, music, science, food and so on. You can choose a subject as per your interest and mood. You can either choose to play as a single-player or with an opponent.

2. Paperama: If you are not really into quizzes, we have an even more interesting suggestion for you. Remember those days when you would create different objects like airplanes, boats and flowers by folding a paper? It was a creative activity that most of us enjoyed as children. And you know what? You can now learn the craft of origami on your phone. Download the Paperama app and there you go! The app brings you the paper-folding art in the form of a game. Note that each puzzle comes with a defined number of folds. You can only score if you fold the page with accuracy.

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3. Duolingo: It’s a digital place where you can learn different languages for free. Wondering how does it work? You can choose any language that you want to learn. It then starts to teach you words in the chosen language - that too with the help of pictures. It then asks you to take a quiz. There is an audio guide too, so that you can learn the correct pronunciation. And as you proceed, it keeps on getting tougher. Do give this language app a try.

4. Words With Friends 2: It’s a mobile word game - similar to the traditional board game, Scrabble. You can either play the game solo or you can challenge your friends. Besides being fun, it can help improve your vocabulary.

5. Elevate: The last on our list is a brain-training app. Elevate has a multitude of games that claim to improve your attention span, writing, speech, reading and processing power. What’s even more interesting is that it keeps a track of your performance.

So, the next time you find yourself with nothing to do, try out some of these boredom-busting apps.