Tech start-ups galore at IIT Madras research park demo day

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, IndiaWritten By: Sidharth MPUpdated: Feb 17, 2019, 01:09 PM IST
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The innovations were aimed at enhancing existing technologies and developing better versions of existing ones in various fields

Over 100 tech start-ups and innovators showcased their wide-ranging products and services to investors, industries and aspiring entrepreneurs at the first edition of Demo Day held at the IIT-Madras Research Park campus. 

The innovations were aimed at enhancing existing technologies and developing better versions of existing ones in various fields such as manufacturing, electric vehicles, internet of things, agriculture technology, solar energy, healthcare, biotechnology and data sciences. 

Speaking to WION Priya Mohan, a Senior member of the IIT Incubation cell team said, "incubation cell is open to all body. This is a technology business incubator that supports entrepreneurs who are looking to kickstart their ventures. We offer support services like office space, seed funding, mentoring, training and networking opportunities and connect to industry and potential collaborators.” 

Any startup that wishes to scale up and obtain funding, can apply on the Incubation Cell Portal, after which screening and evaluation are done. Then the startup is provided seed funding from Rs. 5lakh to 50lakhs based on the requirements, she added. 

We take you through some of the iconic exhibits and projects at the event:

1. Planys Technologies - Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Can access a depth of 120m and also provide live camera feed to the control centre via a tether that provides power supply. The team has developed 6 vehicles to suit different requirements. This ROV was used to augment the efforts of the Indian Navy during the rescue operations in the Meghalaya Mine tragedy. 

2. Neomotion Assistive - Customizable Wheelchair cum Scooter for the Physically challenged. (Prototype under testing)                                                                                                          Provides up to 30Kms range on a single charge with a top speed of 25Kmph. Meant to be used on typical Indian road conditions. The scooter can easily be detached from the wheelchair, hence allowing it to be used indoors as well. 

3.Agnikul Cosmos - Affordable Rocket launches to Low Earth Orbit with payloads unto 100Kgs (Under technology demonstration and development stage)                                

Uses certain 3-d Printed components for Engine parts. To be powered by Kerosene and liquid oxygen. 3-Stage rocket under development. 

4. Merkel Haptic Systems - Mixed and virtual reality healthcare training simulators with Haptic feedback (Product developed and available). It recreates scenarios of medical emergencies and allows medical professionals and support staff to learn/practice complicated procedures. 

Speaking to WION about the importance of such events, Ex-CEO of Cognizant said, “we want investors to chase ideas and young minds that are raring to go, rather than founders chasing investments. We have achieved that here in this Chennai demo day.”

Other projects that are under various phases of development and testing include, a device that could convert air into water and ice using a single compressor, Carbon Fibre 3-D printing solutions, Robots to inspect the integrity of industrial pipelines and drones that could enable delivery of goods weighing less than 6Kg.