Why I can't root for Hillary even if Bernie endorses her

With Clinton nodding in agreement beside him, Sanders put their bitter primary campaign behind them and said Clinton would take up the fight to ease economic inequality, make college more affordable and expand healthcare coverage for all Americans. Photograph:( Reuters )

WION Atlanta, United States Jul 19, 2016, 06.52 AM (IST) Pritesh Patel

Millions of supporters stood up in this election to fight for a platform that we have never seen.  The leader at the helm of that platform was Senator Bernie Sanders.

After a fierce campaign, he has elected to endorse Hillary Clinton despite the stark difference they have in policy and belief system. I am a Bernie Sanders supporter. An avid supporter to say the least. Let me tell you why.

This campaign taught me that if you have thoughts and beliefs that are different from others but you feel they are right, you not only can but should stand up and fight for what you believe in with all your heart. It taught me that having non-populist views is not always a losing battle. It taught me to not be a quiet status quo reformer but be one publicly and join with others who believe the same.

In short, more than the politics, policy, and engagement in public service, this campaign has taught me that my voice, even though it doesn't fall in line with most, counts!  

Bernie was the leader to help us realise that we have a voice and we now have a place in public service to make an impact. It's our turn to make a difference.

So you may ask, your leader has endorsed Hillary, why not Hillary? It's simple. My voice has not changed. My belief system has not changed. If I switched sides because it is all of the sudden "popular", I'd now be contradicting why I stood up in the first place. What type of person would I be now if I'm all of the sudden just following what popular leaving aside the core reason why you starting fighting in the first place? (maybe a politician?)  

The popular saying, "if the one you follow jumps off a bridge, would you do the same?". I'm not jumping with Sander's off the bridge to Hillary.  I'm gonna be around far longer to fight that battle in the coming years than he is and its going to have a direct impact on my life, my families life, and my future kids. That's a fight I intend to stay in for the right reasons.

Leaving all grievances and opinions aside of Sanders's blatant disregard of his own platform and people who believed in him because he was consistent and showing that when it really counted he wasn't, we weren't standing up to fight for Bernie Sanders. We are fighting for the principles and policies we believe is best for our people and country. So the fight goes on and it goes on with even greater vigour without  Senator Sanders.

You can't change the trajectory of the country, young people want progressive policies. They are the group who will be the greatest influence in the next 20 to 30 years.  

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