US Election 2016: Canada immigration website crashes as Trump takes lead

Toronto, Canada Updated: Nov 09, 2016, 05:36 AM IST

A number of Americans had said they would move to Canada should Trump win. Photograph:(Reuters)

Canada's official immigration website suffered repeated outages Tuesday night as a Trump victory began to look more and more possible south of the border.  

The Telegraph reported a surge in traffic on the website, and that a number of people in the US were googling the word "emigrate".

Some users in the United States, Canada and Asia saw an error message when trying to access the website, Reuters reported.

Many Americans have in the recent past said, albeit often jokingly, that they would move to Canada should Trump win. 

Several Canadian communities have reacted graciously, advertising themselves as oases of calm in a possible future Trump-ian era. 

Immigration ministry officials could not immediately be reached for comment, Reuters reported, but the website's problems were noted by many on Twitter.  


(WION with inputs from Reuters)