Top 10 world news: China accuses US of slandering its efforts to pursue suspects overseas and more

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New Delhi, IndiaUpdated: Jul 23, 2021, 08:35 PM IST

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As the Taliban's makes huge gains in Afghanistan, following Taliban claims, the Defense Ministry says that the Taliban's claim of controlling 90 per cent of its borders is a complete lie. Calling it a "baseless propaganda," deputy spokesman of the Ministry of Defence Fawad Aman said that the country's borders were under government control.

In other news, urging the United States to cooperate with Chinese efforts, and not become a "haven for criminals" China said that the US was slandering the country's overseas efforts to pursue criminal suspects overseas.

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According to Afghanistan's defence ministry, the Taliban's claim that they control 90 per cent of the country's borders is an absolute lie. 

China has accused the United States of slandering its efforts to pursue criminal suspects overseas after a Chinese prosecutor was charged in an alleged plot to intimidate Chinese citizens living in the US to return home and face criminal charges.

CIA Director William Burns said on Thursday some 200 US officials have fallen ill with "Havana syndrome," including about 100 CIA officers and family members. 

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Following Iranian protests over water shortages, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has said that people cannot be blamed for expressing their displeasure.

Filipino government approves production of genetically modified "golden rice" for commercial purposes, becoming the first government in the world to do so.

The Great Barrier Reef has escaped being listed as an endangered world heritage site by UNESCO. However, concerns remains for damage to ecosystem's corals due to climate change and other factors.

Xi Jinping should understand the aspirations of the Tibetan people and "resolve the Sino-Tibet conflict", according to Tenzin Lekshay, spokesperson for the Tibetan government in exile (Central Tibetan Administration). 

Clement Beaune, France's Europe Minister, criticized a referendum planned by Hungary over a controversial law slammed by Brussels as an attack on LGBTQ rights. 

China floods: Mother dies saving baby from mudslide in HenanIn China, a woman reportedly saved her child by throwing it away during mudslides, losing her own life as a result.