Mona Al-Khurais: Saudi Arabia gets its first female firearms trainer 

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RIYADHUpdated: Nov 02, 2021, 03:41 PM IST

Saudi female firearm trainer Mona Al Khurais teaches a Saudi woman on safe usage of weapons at the Top-Gun shooting range in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, October 28, 2021. Picture taken October 28, 2021. Photograph:(Reuters)

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Mona Al-Khurais has loved guns ever since as a young girl her father took her on hunting trips in Saudi Arabia and taught her how to shoot.

After a legislation change, a Saudi female weapons trainer breaks down barriers in a male-dominated sector. 

Mona Al-Khurais has had a fascination with weapons since she was a small child, when her father took her on hunting expeditions in Saudi Arabia and taught her to shoot.

She transformed her love into a career five years ago, obtaining training in Saudi Arabia and overseas to become a qualified weapons trainer. 

The 36-year-old now teaches shooting at Riyadh's Top Gun firing range, where she is attracting an increasing number of female students. 

"I am so happy to practice my passion and my hobby as a coach and a range safety officer," Khurais said.

"Hopefully, I can share my experience with Saudi girls, to encourage them to enter this difficult field that was previously reserved for men."

"My passion for guns and shooting began when I was a child by going with my father on hunting trips. I started officially five years ago as part of training inside and outside the Kingdom with both Saudi and non-Saudi coaches."

Khurais had to undergo training both in Saudi Arabia and overseas in order to become a qualified weapons trainer.

Khurais claims that this year was a turning point in her career since the government finally permitted women to purchase guns.

In the traditional monarchy, attitudes regarding women are shifting, with women steadily increasing their participation in the workforce by obtaining employment in a variety of fields.

Khurais, on the other hand, originally struggled to work in a male-dominated setting. 

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