Mexican townspeople abduct gang leader's mother

AFP Acapulco, Mexico Dec 14, 2016, 05.43 AM(IST)

Some 220 soldiers and police were deployed to San Miguel Totolapan to 'avoid a confrontation'. Photograph:( AFP )

Residents of Southern Mexican town San Miguel Totolapan detailed several people, including the mother of Los Tequileros (The Tequila Drinkers) gang leader, demanding the release of an engineer kidnapped by the group.

The residents detained some people for allegedly colluding with the gang and held the mother of Raybel Jacobo de Almonte, known as El Tequilero (The Tequila Drinker).

"We have your mother here, mister known as El Tequilero. I request an exchange. In return for my husband's life, I will deliver your mother. ... I want him safe and sound," Yadira Guillermo Garcia, wife of the abducted engineer said in a television broadcast. 

At least 220 soldiers and police were deployed to "avoid a confrontation," Guerrero state governor Arturo Astudillo said. 

The government mediated between the two sides and said that an agreement was reached between the two groups to carry out the exchange. 

A video uploaded on YouTube showed the townspeople carrying weapons and why they stood up against Los Tequileros.

"They have humiliated us, they have killed our families and we won't let it happen again," one of the vigilantes says.

According to local media 24 people were held of which five were released. 

The gang is accused of kidnapping 12 people from the village of San Jeronimo last month. Five were later released. 

(WION with inputs from AFP)