How the world is forming an alliance against China

New Delhi, IndiaEdited By: Palki SharmaUpdated: May 16, 2020, 12:54 AM IST
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File photo: Chinese President Xi Jinping Photograph:(AFP)

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They are working as a 'collective whole' and have adopted a holistic approach to ensure that China pays for its ill-deeds, as per experts.

Many countries across the globe are joining hands against China. They are working as a "collective whole" and have adopted a holistic approach to ensure that China pays for its ill-deeds.

The five levers that they are using against China are as follows:

First retaliation

They are demanding and pushing for a probe into the origin of the coronavirus outbreak and the reason behind its widespread.

While Australia was the first country to demand an investigation, it was backed up by its neighbour New Zealand.

Meanwhile, the United States is conducting its own investigation. Now, the top diplomat of the European Union wants a probe too. The EU's foreign policy chief has called for an independent and scientific investigation. 

They will raise this issue during the World health assembly that will be held next week. 

Second retaliation

Countries such as Canada, Japan, France, Germany, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia and even Swaziland and Nicaragua have pledged support to Taiwan's membership in the World Health Organization.

However, China has slammed these voices of support and threatened these countries.

Non-WHO member Taiwan has lobbied for its participation, drawing strong objections from Beijing which considers Taiwan to be one of its provinces.

Third retaliation

The United States and Japan have started to economically distance itself from China.

While the US President Donald Trump has ordered American companies to leave China, Japan has set up a 2.2 billion dollar fund to pull Japanese companies away from the country.

Countries in the European Union, Australia and even India have tightened their foreign investment rules to prevent hostile takeovers of local businesses from China.

Fourth  retaliation

They are calling out China for abusing and violating human rights. The US Senate has approved a bill to sanction China over repression of Uighur Muslims in the country. The bill was backed by lawmakers on both sides.

Meanwhile, the human rights watch has slammed China for its treatment of Africans. They have released a report this month that talks about discrimination of Africans in China's Guangzhou province. 

Fifth retaliation

Countries are demanding a ban on Chinese technology under which Huawei is the most common target.

The United States has already extended its ban on the company for another year and it is pushing other allies to check Chinese tech giants from making inroads.