FBI investigating alleged harassment of Biden campaign bus by Trump supporters

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Washington, DC, United States of AmericaUpdated: Nov 02, 2020, 07:45 AM IST
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Biden on Sunday denounced the alleged harassment of one of his campaign buses on a Texas highway.

The FBI is investigating the alleged harassment of  Democratic challenger Joe Biden campaign bus last week by motorists displaying Trump 2020 flags, according to CNN.

Biden on Sunday denounced the alleged harassment of one of his campaign buses on a Texas highway.

Video posted on Twitter appears to show multiple trucks waving Trump flags surrounding and slowing the Biden/Harris bus. 

Democratic officials said the bus, carrying state congressional candidate Wendy Davis, stopped its journey and cancelled two planned events and a news conference, citing "safety concerns."

The president himself tweeted a video of the incident late Saturday, saying, "I LOVE TEXAS."

To this end, Biden told his supporters in Philadephia: "We've never had anything like this -- at least we've never had a president who thinks it's a good thing."

"Folks, that's not who we are. We are so much better than this," Biden said.

The FBI's office told AFP Sunday they were investigating the Texas incident but declined to give further comment.

An SUV belonging to the Democratic caravan was reportedly sideswiped. No injuries were reported, and it was unclear whether anyone involved was armed.

Amid the continuing fears, Democratic officials in Floyd County, Georgia, said Sunday they were canceling a campaign event after learning that a "large militia presence is expected" due to Trump's planned evening rally in the city of Rome, Georgia. 

Trump explicitly embraced the action, saying that the Texas protesters were trying to "protect" the Biden bus.

"You see the way our people, you know, they were protecting this bus yesterday," he said, 

The Texas Tribune quoted the state's Republican chairman, Allen West, as dismissing the incident as "fake news and propaganda," adding, "Stop bothering me."

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