Facebook protects elite users from its own rules: Report

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San FranciscoUpdated: Sep 14, 2021, 01:02 PM IST


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Facebook's new programme is reportedly called  "cross-check" or "XCheck" which reports say shields millions of elite users from its rules.

According to reports, social media giant Facebook has exempted high profile VIPs from its rules in a new quality control move.

The programme is reportedly called "cross-check" or "XCheck". The Wall Street Journal report said the policy protests celebrities even though the social media company claims to apply rules equally to everyone.

Andy Stone, Facebook spokesman in a series of tweets said: "The WSJ piece repeatedly cites Facebook's own documents pointing to the need for changes that are in fact already underway at the company."


"We have new teams, new resources and an overhaul of the process that is an existing work-stream at Facebook," Stone added. 
Stone said there have been "literally hundreds of news stories critical of our approach" while conceding that Facebook's own analysis had come to the conclusion improvements need to be made.


"There aren't two systems of justice; it's an attempted safeguard against mistakes," Stone said in the tweet, adding: "We know our enforcement is not perfect and there are tradeoffs between speed and accuracy."

The WSJ report said XCheck grew to include at least 5.8 million users last year. Facebook had claimed earlier that it does not protect profiles, pages or content from being removed while adding that it "is simply done to make sure our decision is correct."

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