National Technology Day 2022: A look at 5 pieces of tech we can't do without

New DelhiEdited By: Manas JoshiUpdated: May 11, 2022, 11:23 AM IST

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National Technology Day 2022: Every year on May 11th, National Technology Day honours the accomplishments of India's scientific community, including scientists, researchers, and engineers.The day has historical significance because of the string of technological advances that the country made on that day decades before.

Since technology is such an important aspect of our lives today, and because of its role to economic progress, National Technology Day seems both apparent and significant. In India, May 11 is National Technology Day. It is observed to recognise the achievements of Indian scientists and scientific workers to the field. The day honours not only scientists and engineers, but also anybody interested in developing, innovating, and encouraging information transmission, as well as ensuring that its advantages reach the general public.

Just a few decades ago, technology was something that appear enigmatic. We sure had machines but the tech-driven world we have today and the way tech solutions have reached even the person on the street is something that was not there before.

On National Technology Day 2022, let's take a look at 5 things that are increasingly becoming common and we can say that we can't do without these pieces of tech


Smartphones ushered in the first wave of our tech-dependent world. This gizmo made several things obsolete in one stroke. Phone was no longer something you used just to call your friends and family but it became an entertainment hub, camera, movie maker and much much more. Crtics of technology often decry smartphones by calling them 'portable tracking devices people willingly carry on their person'. 

But all said and done. Smartphones are not going anywhere.

Wearable tech

Once smartphones became an inseparable part of our lives, wearables made their grand entry. Suddenly it became a priority to complete 10,000 steps per day to reach fitness goals. Think you are stressed? Check your blood pressure in the band you are wearing.


Fads come and go but if there is something that has maintained its position, it's our lappy. In last two years when working from home became a norm all over the world, laptops went through a renaissance of sorts. It was speculated a few years ago that laptops would soon be things of the past and would lose the race against rapidly improving smartphones and tablets.

But there is nothing like the touch of good ol' physical keys when you are slaying your office project.

Home assistants

It is often said that technology is making us lazy. But asking Alexa, Siri or any other virtual assistant to play ANY song we are in the mood of is something else.

Virtual assistants are soon becoming reality in thousands of households across the world. Everything from bulbs, fans, air conditioners and more is getting smart.


This may seem like a very obvious, plain-sounding entry in this list but it is necessary nonetheless. All the smartness of phones, cars and more would vanish if internet is to stop working. It is fast becoming the very lifeblood of our global existence. Internet is not a new discovery. But it remains backbone of everything we do and looks like it will remain so for a long time ahead.

Meanwhile, on the occasion of National Technology Day, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi offered gratitude to scientists whose work resulted in the successful Pokhran tests in 1998.