After pact with Bangladesh, Rohingyas begin arriving in Myanmar

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Myanmar (Burma)Updated: May 28, 2018, 11:18 AM IST

File photo of Rohingya refugees. Photograph:(Reuters)

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Myanmar witnessed mass exodus of Rohingyas due to alleged large-scale violence by the nation's Army.

The Myanmar government said today Rohingya refugees have begun arriving in Rakhine State after the signing of the Dhaka Nayi Paw Daw pact in November last year. 

"In accordance with the agreement, arrangements have been made to receive the returnees at Nga Khu Ya and Taung Pyo Latwe reception centres," the Myanmar government said in a press release.

Myanmar witnessed mass exodus of Rohingyas due to alleged large-scale violence by the nation's Army with thousands turning up in Bangladesh's Cox's Bazaar.  As the refugees began to arrive, Bangladesh requested Myanmar to take them resulting in an agreement between the two sides.

"This arrangement concerns only those who have not been in involved in terrorism," the government warned, adding that "effective action will be taken against those implicated in terrorist acts in accordance with the law."

The mass migration of Rohingyas from Myanmar was condemned both by the US and UN who called it a case of "ethnic cleansing" as reports circulated of villages being burnt and several Rohingyas being killed in the country.

The government said the several did not know the repatriation process, as a result, the "returnees were arrested under the existing laws and some were given prison sentences."

"As a result, the displaced persons who no longer find it tenable to continue their stay in the camps in Cox's bazaar began returning to Rakhine State of their own volition and under their own arrangements," it said.

"In accordance with the bilateral agreement, the returnees should be properly processed, verified and accepted without any action being taken against them. In order to implement his process, the president has pardoned 58 persons," the government said.

"These people were released from prison and sent to Nga Khu Ya reception camp on May 26th, after necessary verification, they will be transferred to the transit camp in Hla Phoe Khaung," the government added.