'Kashmir issue needs peaceful resolution in accordance with UNSC'

Islamabad, Federal Capital Territory, Pakistan Published: Dec 26, 2017, 07:24 AM(IST)

File photo. Photograph:( Zee News Network )

The Kashmir issue needs a peaceful resolution in accordance with the UN Security Council to ensure global and regional peace and stability, according to a joint declaration signed here by six countries, including Russia and China.

Speakers from the parliaments of Afghanistan, China, Iran, Russia, Turkey and host Pakistan held a two-day meet in Islamabad, which ended yesterday with the issuance of the joint declaration, Dawn News reported.

"We agreed that for ensuring global and regional peace and stability, the issue of Jammu & Kashmir needs a peaceful resolution by Pakistan and India in accordance with UN Security Council resolutions," states the declaration signed by top parliamentarians.

The report quoted sources as saying that the Russian delegation had expressed reservations over the inclusion of the Kashmir issue, which was then picked up by Iran and Afghanistan as well.

Iran, sources claimed, had objections over the language of the Kashmir-specific section.

However, the Pakistani side said that since Russia, Iran and Turkey included issues of political interest to them such as the crises in Iraq and Syria, the problems of the Middle East and Al-Quds, and Turkey's failed coup it would be impossible for Pakistan to leave out the Kashmir issue, the report said.

The report quoted sources as saying that the representatives from Afghanistan proved to be the hardest to convince.

National Assembly media director Mohammad Mohsin Iqbal said there was a difference of opinion among the delegates, which was settled. 

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