Imran Khan declared the Man of the Year by 'The Muslim 500'

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New Delhi, Delhi, India Published: Aug 24, 2020, 09:36 PM(IST)

Imran Khan Photograph:( AFP )

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He has now been acquitted and he is not the only one. There's a coterie of corrupt ministers in the Imran Khan government.

Imran Khan has received an award from the Muslim 500, an annual publication which ranks the most influential Muslims in the world.

It is compiled by the Jordan-based Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre.

According to them, Imran Khan is currently the 16th most influential Muslim in the world and they have named him the 'Man of the Year'.

Social media is filled with congratulatory messages for Imran Khan. 

Pakistan's media is celebrating, they're calling it a moment of pride.  News channels are running special broadcasts and the print media has fancy headlines about the prime minister.

There were few accomplishments mentioned by Pakistan's media:

Number one, the report says that Imran Khan deserves this honour for his efforts for long-lasting peace with India. Imran Khan issued a nuclear threat at the un general assembly session last year.

Now his ministers are issuing threats about nuclear warheads.

Number two, fighting corruption. According to Pak media,  "having the money returned to the nation is proving to be more difficult, although some progress has been made."

Recently, the Supreme Court of Pakistan ordered the government's anti-corruption agency to end abuses.

Last month, a Pakistani journalist who accused Islamabad of corruption in Balochistan --- was shot dead.

Meanwhile, a minister who engaged in money laundering & smuggling still roams free. Dr Zafar Mirza, the health minister of Pakistan who smuggled 20 million masks to China.

He has now been acquitted and he is not the only one. There's a coterie of corrupt ministers in the Imran Khan government.

Last month, WION reported that six advisors to Imran Khan had dual citizenship. They had assets worth millions of dollars abroad and how they had forged the price of their assets in their financial declarations.

Number three, the report praises Imran Khan for transforming Pakistan's economy. GDP growth rate is down to zero point five per cent. Inflation is in double digits. The currency has depreciated by 35 per cent. Pakistan is still surviving on international loans.

Number four, the report says that Imran Khan has improved Pakistan's international relations and that except for India. 

Pakistan's tiff with the gulf states-- is growing. Saudi Arabia is demanding loan repayment and won't give any more free oil. The UAE isn't pleased with Pakistan over its statements on the Israel deal.

The Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC) has refused to back Pakistan on Kashmir.

As for the ties with the United States, the aid cut is a matter of record and Pakistan's closeness with China won't win it any brownie points with the US.

Number five, the Muslim 500 says that Imran Khan is the man of the year because he is a sporting legend. He led Pakistan to victory in the 1992 cricket World Cup.

He was quite a star, back in the day. Even in that world cup, he scored a duck against the Indian team.

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