WION Edit: Expecting too much from the early bloomers is damaging

DelhiUpdated: Dec 05, 2019, 02:59 PM IST
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The culture of attacking stars and hiding behind the keyboards must go

There is always a price to pay for stardom, fame and recognition.

But does it have to be a price so high? Young lives lost because they couldn't handle success?

On WION Edit, we analyse this disturbing trend.

The weight of success isn't easy to bear, especially for the young.

Adulation, overt-appreciation, a sudden rise in financial fortunes  - these together breed arrogance and disconnect from reality.

Dramatic rise in wealth and status also leads to loneliness. Put these three together - arrogance, fame, loneliness - it's a toxic concoction.

It often results in bad emotional decisions. If you are a parent of a high-performing child anywhere in the world -- understand that the best support system is the family.

Whenever the family rallies behind a star, depression and loneliness disappear. But there are also plenty of stories of prodigies with supportive, understanding families who have lost their ways or lives.

This is due to the lack of support in professional environments and lack of access to psychological help.

Expecting too much from the early bloomers is damaging. Adverse comments can be crippling sometimes.

Especially in performing industries like movies, music or poetry, harsh criticism can be inevitable and takes its toll on young stars. Then comes the issue of drugs.

Early fame means premature exposure to parties, celebrations and promotional events.

And the world that we live in has normalised addictive, harmful practices in these high-octane parties. Many a child prodigy has lost the way in alcohol and drugs. It's time for us to correct some major mistakes.

Appreciation is fine, but encouraging drug abuse in early-bloomers is a crime. Then comes the social-media toxicity and the K-pop story has a lot of social media reverberations.

The culture of attacking stars and hiding behind the keyboards must go, women stars are the biggest victims of trolling.

This matter is complex, serious and multi-dimensional and there are three prominent features:

1. Internal reasons: Youngsters unable to handle fame,

2. External reasons:  A society that is ill-equipped to act with maturity and respect

3. Emotional reasons: Reasons that require specific, case-by-case solutions.

This is an important issue and a global one. If human beings as a species have to evolve at the desired rate, the best talent should be preserved carefully.

There is no point apportioning blame after losing lives. Before you hype up the next young star, understand the consequences.

Allow people to fail - even if it disappoints you and your expectations.

If you are an early-recipient of fame, understand fame is a fleeting rainbow. Life is bigger than success and defeat.

(Disclaimer: WION Edit is the channel's take on the big events of the world)