WION woman journalist manhandled by reporter at Aero India in Bengaluru

WION Web Team
New Delhi, Delhi, India Updated: Feb 21, 2019, 01:08 PM(IST)

Times Now reporter Srinjoy Chowdhury pushes WION's Nischita Verrendra. Photograph:( WION Web Team )

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WION's Nischita Verrendra was interviewing French Ambassador to India Alexandre Ziegler when Times Now's Srinjoy Chowdhury pushed her aside. When she stood her ground, he actually shoved her out of the way. 

WION correspondent Nischita Verrendra was manhandled Wednesday by Times Now journalist Srinjoy Chowdhury at the Aero India show in Bengaluru. 

Nischita had been interviewing the French Ambassador to India Alexandre Ziegler. 

Nischita had asked two questions when suddenly, Chowdhury butted in saying "You're done, you're done?" 

Chowdhury then pushed Nischita out of the way. 

Nischita stood her ground and pushed back. 

When WION spoke to Nischita, she said: "I think he got angry that I pushed back." 

And then, shockingly (see video below) Choudhary actually shoved Nischita out of the way. 


Nischita walked back to the ambassador and continued with her interview. 

She said the ambassador's security detail had by then stepped in, asking Chowdhury to "chill". 

"That's why he (Chowdhury) held back. I don't think he would have if they hadn't stepped in," Nischita told WION. 

Nischita finished her interview with Ziegler. 

She then waited for Chowdhury to finish his interview, and then walked up to him. 

"Do you have no decency?" she asked him. 

"I'm sorry but yes I have no decency," he replied. 

"You almost manhandled me," Nischita told him. 

"You're not worth being manhandled," he replied. 

Chowdhury apologised when video of the incident went viral. 


"My name is Nischita Verrendra," Nischita replied.  

"It's hard to believe this apology since you told me and I quote 'Yes, I don't have decency on field' and 'you are not worth being manhandled'. So let's just accept that we have an indecent reporter amidst us," she added. 

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