Watch: Hyderabad police nab 'Sheikhs' trying to illegally marry Indian girls

WION Web Team
Delhi, IndiaUpdated: Sep 20, 2017, 05:02 PM IST

After a tip-off from a victim girl, Hyderabad police caught 20 involved in fake marriage racket where Indian girls are lured to marry rich Sheikhs, as old as 80 years old. Photograph:(ANI)

Hyderabad city police have arrested 20 people in a fake marriage racket involved with "procuring" Indian girls for Sheikhs in the Middle East countries namely Oman and Qatar. 

The city police were alerted after a tip-off from a victim.

The girl had allegedly rejected a man who had gone for an interview for marriage but the girl found the man "too old". Even after she rejected the offer, the alleged Sheikh forced her to marry him, after which she informed the police. 

Acting on the tip-off, the police raided two areas in Hyderabad and nabbed twenty people.

Hyderabad police said they nabbed 5 Oman nationals and Sheikhs, 3 Qatar nationals, 3 Qazis--all Indian with one being chief Qazi from Mumbai, and rest Indian brokers and middlemen. 

According to the police, there is a big racket operating out of Hyderabad and this is only one such case.

"Qazis in the racket help in making fake birth certificates to show minor girls in marriage age illegally and facilitate their illegal marriages, the middlemen identify poor unmarried women who can be lured, parents are convinced to participate in this exchange and these girls are assaulted by not just one but many such Sheikhs after they are taken outside India", police said. 

The police have now announced that there will be an in-camera conference where each victim will speak about their story of cheating, divorce and sexual exploitation in order to spread awareness about the issue.