PM Modi to participate in Janmashtami event at Gulf's oldest temple on Sunday

WION New Delhi, India Aug 24, 2019, 10.17 PM(IST) Written By: Sidhant Sibal Edited By: Sparshita Saxena

File Photo: Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Photograph:( Twitter )

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The Shreenathji temple was established by the Thattai [Bhatia] Hindu community in 1817 under the Royal Patronage. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday will participate at a Janmashtami event at Gulf's oldest temple - Shreenathji (Shree Krishna) Hindu temple in Bahrain built by the Thattai Hindu community. The Thattai community had arrived from Sindh. 

The prime minister will also launch the temple's renovation project. The 200-year-old Shree Krishna temple was built in 1817 and was situated in Bahrain's capital Manama.

PM Modi is currently in 2-nation visit to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain.

The Shreenathji temple was established by the Thattai [Bhatia] Hindu community in 1817 under the royal patronage and is also the first temple of the Gulf region.

The temple in Bahrain is located in the heart of Manama (Souq). In the honour of the contributions made by the Indian community, the Bahrain government designated the old Manama Souq area around the temple as 'Little India in Bahrain' in December 2015. 

The temple is owned by the Thattai Hindu Mercantile Community from Thatta, Sindh - hence the name Thattai Bhatia. 

Thattai Bhatias were one of the earliest expatriate communities to settle in Bahrain in the early 19th century and establish business interest in Bahrain. The community made Bahrain their home even before oil was discovered. Today, Thattais are renowned businessmen in Bahrain and own many companies.

The temple functions on the spiritual path of Pushti Marg or Vallabh Sampradaya which is a Vaishnav sect of Hinduism founded by Shree Vallabhacharya around 1500 AD. Shree Krishna is the chief deity in the temple. The main temple is in India, Nathdwara Temple in Udaipur, Rajasthan which was built in 1672 by Goswami priests who manage the temple and are revered by the followers of Pushti marg all over the world.