Note ban hurt poor, benefited rich: Rahul Gandhi in Chhattisgarh

Mahasamund, Chhattisgarh, India Published: Nov 13, 2018, 05:56 PM(IST)

File photo of Congress President Rahul Gandhi. Photograph:( ANI )

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Gandhi also accused the BJP-led governments of stealing people's money daily by 'outsourcing works through RSS men.'

Congress president Rahul Gandhi Tuesday attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi over demonetisation, saying he snatched money from the poor and put it in the pockets of the likes of Nirav Modi and Vijay Mallya.

Addressing a rally here ahead of the second phase of polling in the state on November 20, Gandhi said Modi helped "all the thieves of India turn their black money into white".

Gandhi also charged the Modi government with ensuring benefit to Anil Ambani's company through the Rafale aircraft deal.

The Modi-led government "snatched" Rs 30,000 crore from the poor and gave it to the industrialist, Gandhi added.

Hitting out at Rahul and Sonia Gandhi for questioning him on demonetisation, Modi had Monday said in a poll rally he did not need a "certificate of honesty" from the "mother-son duo" who are out on bail.

The Congress president claimed only the poor had to queue up outside banks to exchange notes after the prime minister announced invalidation of the old Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 currency notes on November 8, 2016. Gandhi said no person in "suit-boot" had queued up outside banks then.

"Narendra Modi snatched money from under the pillows of our mothers and sisters and put it in the pockets of likes of Nirav Modi, Vijay Mallya, Lalit Modi and Anil Ambani," Gandhi said.

He accused the prime minister of not speaking up about demonetisation for two years till he made a "single line remark" on Monday.

The Modi government wrote off Rs 3.5 lakh crore debt of the rich, Gandhi said. "Nirav Modi, Vijay Mallya, Mehul Choksi ran away. Not a single word came from Narendra Modi's mouth," he said.

On the Rafale fighter jet deal, Gandhi reiterated the NDA government "changed the contract to help Anil Ambani get it instead of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL)."

"It was your (people's) money, snatched from your pockets and that Rs 30,000 crore of yours Narendra Modi gave to Anil Ambani," Gandhi said.

The Congress president also claimed that the CBI director was removed from his post at 1 am to stop a probe into the Rafale deal.

"If there is an investigation, only two names will come up: Narendra Modi and Anil Ambani. Modi is scared of a probe," he said.

He also accused the BJP-led governments of stealing people's money daily by "outsourcing works through RSS men".

"In Delhi, the 'chowkidar' (Modi) is ensuring theft. And here (in Chhattisgarh), Doctor Sahib (Chief Minister Raman Singh) is ensuring theft. We will end outsourcing once the Congress comes to power," he said.

Gandhi also launched a diatribe against the prime minister for "misleading" people on India's development.

According to Modi, development of the country began only after 2014, when he became the prime minister, Gandhi said.

"He (Modi) doesn't even know that the country is run by the people and not by a single man. He insults you by making such comments," the Congress president said.

The Congress would write off Chhattisgarh farmers' debt within 10 days of coming to power and give free medical treatment and medicines to people of the state, he said.

The prime minister made a "false" promise of generating two crore jobs a year, Gandhi said. A Congress chief minister would work "for 18 out of 24 hours" to generate employment for the state's youth, he added.

"Instead of working for a few industrialists, Congress will work for development of agriculture, education and health in the state," Gandhi said.

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