International Yoga Day celebrated across Jammu and Kashmir

IndiaWritten By: Idrees LoneUpdated: Jun 21, 2021, 04:51 PM IST


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Due to the pandemic, SOP's were followed while celebrating the yoga day. Last year all events were cancelled due to the pandemic.

On International Yoga Day, scores of celebrations were held across the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. Huge participation of the local youth was seen in these events across the Valley.

Army, Police, CRPF, politicians, students and civilians organised events across to celebrate the day.

Due to the pandemic, SOP's were followed while celebrating the day. Last year all events were cancelled due to the pandemic. In Srinagar's famous Nehru Park in the middle of the Dal lake, youngsters held yoga sessions with the help of the Indian Army. 

''Being a sports person, I think yoga is most important. We practice Yoga every day. I am happy to see people participating. It's not popular in Kashmir but I am happy to see people showing interest. I hope in the future this culture is promoted. Since the epidemic started we are seeing a rise in cases of depression, anxiety and suicides, I was also suffering from anxiety and being a sportsperson, It's very hard for you when you go for competitions. Yoga helps me calm down,'' said Afreen Haider, instructor. 

The youngsters in Kashmir Valley say for mental relaxation, yoga is one of the most important exercises. The participation this time was huge and people responded in a very positive way.  

''We want to spread a message of peace and harmony through yoga, we believe that yoga is not only an exercise or yoga is more to do with religion. It's more of mental fitness. I would say the youth should develop healthy habits and involve themselves in sports activities, '' said Faiz Dijjoo, organiser. 

The pandemic has left everyone with anxiety and depression. People across the world were confined to their homes which led to a lot of mental pressure. The student community feels that to relieve yourself of the pressure, yoga is an important exercise.  

''Yoga is very important for us, It's good for both mental and physical fitness. We have witnessed a pandemic and people are sitting at home. No one is able to go to work and schools are shut. We request people to do yoga for good mental and physical health. It helps us to overcome depression,” said 'Samreen Khan, a student. 

Participation of the youngsters was applauded by the administration of Jammu and Kashmir.