'Conjuring 3' director discusses post-credit scene that didn't make it to final cut

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New Delhi, IndiaUpdated: May 31, 2021, 05:20 PM IST
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Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga have reprised roles of Ed and Lorraine in the Conjuring film

Director of ‘The Conjuring: The Devil made Me Do It’ recently spoke about a deleted post-credit scene that was intended to set up another film in the Conjuring universe. Michael Chaves spoke about the Conjuring films that are based on the real-life paranormal investigations of Ed and Lorraine Warren. 

The first film debuted in 2013 and became an instant hit. It was then made into a universe of interconnected horror films, which also features ‘The Conjuring 2’, three Annabelle films, ‘The Curse of La Llorona’, and ‘The Nun’.

Meanwhile, ‘The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It’ breaks away from the haunted house setup of the first two films to focus on the trial of Arne Cheyenne Johnson, which was the first time in US history that a defendant claimed to be possessed by a demonic force in order to prove their innocence. 

As for the post credit scene, he said, "We actually had [a post-credits scene]. I'll keep it a mystery as to what it was because it may kind of be coming back in another form. We were really proud with the ending and it felt like a real kind of finite close to the story. Not to say that there isn't a door open for many more Warren cases and Warren adventures, but there was something about this that just felt like ending a trilogy, it just felt nice and solid with this ending."

Chaves went on to say that the scene was intended to tease their plans for expanding on ideas and villains set up by The Conjuring 3. "I'm glad that we didn't put it in because it does seem sometimes like you're being kind of roped into the next one. Even though I do love that as a movie fan, there was something nice about kind of ending without it,” he added.

James Wan, the man who helmed the first two films in the Conjuring universe, is on board this film as a producer and he shares story credit. The film was directed by Michael Chaves. 

Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga have reprised roles of Ed and Lorraine.