Twitter dubs Matt LeBlanc as the 'Irish Uncle' after his appearance on 'Friends' reunion

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New DelhiUpdated: May 31, 2021, 11:33 PM IST


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Netizens dubbed Matt LeBlanc as 'Irish Uncle' because of his clothes, demeanor, and facial expressions during the special episode. 

From playboy to friendly uncle- Matt LeBlanc has had quite a journey thanks to 'Friends'. As the reunion episode of the hit sitcom was aired worldwide on May 27, Matt Le Blanc who played Joey in the show, created quote a stir and not really for playing the beloved character on screen but for his over all appearance.

Netizens dubbed him as 'Irish Uncle' because of his clothes, demeanor, and facial expressions during the special episode. 

One person tweeted, "Matt LeBlanc is your uncle at a wedding buying you too many beers and getting your name mixed up with your siblings while rolling his eyes lovingly at your aunt drunkenly flailing to Dancing Queen."


"Matt LeBlanc looks like your uncle who will still be sharing the Matt LeBlanc meme on Facebook 6 months from now," another joked.
Social media users from Ireland narrowed down more specifically how LeBlanc reminded them of certain family members.


A user explained, "Every Irish family has at least one of those uncles or great uncles -extreme salt of the Earth characters, full of dry wit and just a drop of cynicism. Matt looks like a typical Irish uncle in the photos from the reunion from his his arms are folded, to his facial expressions."


"My favourite version of the Matt LeBlanc meme is the one where he`s very supportive of your lifestyle even when he doesn`t quite understand it," laughed a fan.


"Sitting around with the family Christmas night after the last few drinks and leftovers are finished off.


"That`s it now lads, all over for another year!" said another.

"Can`t get enough of these `Matt LeBlanc looks like an Irish da` memes and I think I found a winner," one person wrote.

Someone pointed out that, "He looks like the Irish Uncle with a heart of gold. He`s behind the times, rough round the edges, loves life, his family, his cattle and you, hugs like a bear, drinks like a fish, talks the hind legs off a donkey and punched that guy in the gob who slagged off your gay partner."

`Friends: The Reunion` was hosted by James Corden and saw the show`s famous cast, along with co-creators Marta Kauffman and David Crane and executive producer Kevin Bright, who shared a number of delightful behind-the-scenes tidbits from their time working on the NBC series, which ran from 1994 to 2004.

Walking back onto Stage 24 at Warner Bros. Studios, the former castmates, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer and Aniston were taken aback by the site of meticulously recreated sets they hadn`t visited in 17 years.

It included Joey and Chandler`s bachelor pad, Monica and Rachel`s apartment, and even Central Perk, where the thrift-store-find orange couch was always reserved for them.