Watch | North Korea bans tight jeans, dyed hair, piercings and other 'capitalist' trends: Report

NEW DELHIEdited By: Nikhil PandeyUpdated: May 13, 2022, 09:25 AM IST
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Like most dictatorial regimes around the world, North Korea has some strange laws all built on the whims and fancies of leader Kim Jong-Un. The dictator does what he wants and what he doesn't like he bans. From jeans to foreign movies, a lot is banned in North Korea.

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According to sources speaking to Radio Free Asia, North Korea has tightened its grip on "capitalist" fashion. This might range from coloured hair to waist-length hair and skintight denim. Anyone who is apprehended must confess their crime and change into more "acceptable" attire.

Kim Jong Un's dictatorship is intensifying its crackdown on "decadent" Western fashion trends in North Korea, such as coloured hair, tight trousers, and piercings.

According to Radio Free Asia, North Korea's Socialist Patriot Youth League is now targeting women in their 20s and 30s who wear their hair down to their waists, colour it brown, or wear apparel with large foreign characters.

North Korea's administration is also targeting women who wear curve-hugging jeans, according to an anonymous resident of Hamhung who spoke to a US government-sponsored charity news site.

Those who are caught wearing "capitalist flair" clothing outside must wait on the side of the road until a youth patrol has completed checking the area for more violators.

According to the article, all offenders are then transported to the Youth League's office, where they must confess their offences in writing. They will only be allowed to return home if someone provides them with more suitable attire.

The increased battle against Western tendencies, according to RFA's anonymous source, was declared last month during a statewide educational session during which Youth League leaders warned that dressing and hair like people in capitalist nations was in breach of North Korea's socialist standards.

According to a BBC article at the time, North Korea first announced a crackdown on skinny jeans, piercings, and certain haircuts, including mullets, after Kim condemned foreign style and speech as "hazardous poisons."

Since then, the Youth League has stepped up its attempts to identify people who are mimicking foreign fashions and habits.

According to another source who spoke to RFA on the condition of anonymity, patrols in the city of Chongjin have been targeting a local marketplace known as a favourite hangout site for young people.