Grand heist? Police flabbergasted to find stolen 58-foot bridge in US

New DelhiUpdated: Dec 16, 2021, 10:31 PM IST


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Cops in Ohio said that they 'have not heard of anything that large stolen' ever in their careers

Police in Ohio were left with awe and shock when they discovered a dismantled 58-foot bridge that was stolen last month.

Cops said that that they “have not heard of anything that large stolen” ever in their careers.

According to reports, thieves had disassembled a 58-foot bridge installed in a field near a creek in Akron, Ohio.

On November 3, locals found that the treated deck boards on the bridge had been removed. And about a week later, the entire structure was stolen from the area.

Police said the bridge was installed in the early 2000s as part of a restoration project, but the city later decided to use it for another project and kept it in the field for later use.

Although it is not clear why the bridge became the victim of their heist, but police suspect that they wanted to sell it to scraps for money.

But little did they know that the material of the bridge, measuring 10-feet wide and six-feet high, is composed of polymer-based materials, which, the police said, is hard to sell and recycle.

The bizarre incident has left the police baffled who were wondering how the thieves managed to get away with it.

“I have not heard of anything that large — albeit it disassembled but actually stolen, I can’t think of anything comparable in my 22 years [at the Akron Police Department],” Lt. Michael Miller told News 5 Cleveland.

“We know it will be met with mystery and questions: who and how and why? All of those are unanswered. It ranks high on the list of mysteries, that’s for sure,” he added.

The value of the structure is estimated to be about $40,000 by the city’s engineering department.

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