WION Edit: G20 Meet - a missed opportunity?

Delhi Mar 27, 2020, 09.53 PM(IST) Written By: WION

President Xi Jinping wearing a mask visits hospital in Wuhan Photograph:( AFP )

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China, the exporter of a global crisis, was given a platform to expound on what the world should be doing.

When the world is faced with a crisis, leaders come together at different platforms where leaders find solutions and pin responsibility.

However, none of it is happening now. The wrong sides are being allowed to say the right things.

China, the exporter of a global crisis, was given a platform to expound on what the world should be doing.

It's indeed disappointing that the world's most powerful leaders failed to hold China accountable at the G20 Summit.

US President Donald Trump made the most unfortunate u-turn. This is the same man who insisted on calling it the Chinese virus, but the US President has now struck a conciliatory tone with China. He also made a late-night call to Chinese President Xi Jinping.

According to Trump now, China has developed a strong understanding of the virus.

China's financial might is holding hostage the world's political will. The G20 was an opportunity to hold the Chinese regime accountable. However, G20 member nations did not even dare to politely suggest that China must change its policies to so that deadly viruses do not spread like this.

The world will have to pay a price for not being tough on China. 3.3 million Americans have already filed claims for unemployment.
Economists fear that the unemployment rate in America could reach 13 per cent in about a month from now.

In Germany, 3 million people could be out of work if this crisis is allowed to get more severe. In India, migrant labourers are walking hundreds of miles to return to their villages. This could soon explode into a bigger crisis.

The G20 member-nations should look at these figures, after all, they represent 85 per cent of global GDP. The Wuhan coronavirus crisis is inherently political, it is a failure of China.

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