Indian Bhangra dancers meet Canadian winter, with excellent results

WION New Delhi, Delhi, India Dec 27, 2016, 03.36 PM(IST) Written By: Jeff Halperin

The Maritime Bhangra Group, spreading joy at a time when it's much needed. Via Facebook and Sean Snow Photography. Photograph:( Facebook )

The Maritime Bhangra Group is making the Canadian winter feel much less cold. 

Videos of this Indian-origin trio from Halifax, Nova Scotia, on Canada's east coast, are being passed around the internet for making terrible winter chores like shovelling snow look very fun.

There's no telling how many North American children have watched this and bolted into subzero temperatures to dance and occassionally shovel.

Generations of Canadians have dressed up like Santa, but then they mostly stuffed their face with turkey and liquor rather than danced boisterously.

These gentleman have other ideas.

Hopefully white Canada can manage to produce three people who can tactfully return the gesture by incorporating elements of Canadian culture, whatever that is, into videos honouring the Indian community around Holi or Diwali.

More likely they'll probably just blame immigrants for waging a war against Christmas and feel mortal outrage if someone utters that terrible sentence, "happy holidays".