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Jeff is a writer and editor from Toronto, Canada.


Aung San Suu Kyi not retiring anytime soon

Says the spokesman of Myanmar`s ruling National League for Democracy (NLD) U Myo Nyunt Read Article

Trump: 'Sessions should never have recused himself", warns Mueller about investigating his finances

The comments come in a wide-ranging New York Times interview

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Trump Jr told Kremlin behind effort to help father's campaign: NY Times

The president's son reportedly knew a meeting was part of a Russian plot to help his father get elected, then went anyway

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Trump abandons Western countries at G20, sidles up to Putin

Trump split with US intel by accepting Putin's claim Russia didn't interfere in the US election, then pledged to work with Russia on cybersecurity ||Trump also split with all Western…

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Donald Trump tweets video of himself physically attacking photo-shopped CNN logo

The original meme was made by a Reddit user named HansAssholeSolo, who in his threads has made jokes about killing cats, stabbing Muslims, and has used virulently homophobic and racist language…

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Canada turns 150: Should Canada keep its symbolic connection to Britain?s royal family?

Nope! This should be the last generation of royals Canada, a former British colony, symbolically venerates Read Article

Modi in Washington: Decoding Trump on trade

What exactly does Trump mean when he says he wants a 'fair and reciprocal' trade relationship with India?

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Opinion: Indian PM Modi meets mob-linked president on his home turf

Trump cares about Trump, not India, or for that matter even America. Predicting the future of India-US ties without understanding this is hopeless Read Article

A Canadian explains fighting in ice hockey for Indians

Why does this sport allow fist fighting? It's savage, and it may be gone soon, but fighting isn't without its own kind of logic Read Article

Comey hearing: Whenever reality makes Trump look guilty, the president changes reality

Trump's lawyer claimed the president was 'completely and totally vindicated' by Comey's testimony ||No impartial observer could watch Comey's damning testimony against…

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When gau rakshaks attack: The indefensible violence of 'cow protectors'

There are parties and people in India who aren't outraged enough by murder because it's connected to cows and religion Read Article

Trump's reaction to Kathy Griffin's photo of her holding his severed head is hypocritical

Ted Nugent was the subject of a Secret Service investigation after saying that if Obama were reelected in 2012, he, Nugent, 'would be dead or in jail'||While Trump was right to blast…

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Trump to announce Paris climate deal decision Thursday

The only two countries who don't support the Paris climate accord are Nicaragua and Syria ||Trump has called climate change a hoax invented by the Chinese

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US Republican candidate allegedly 'body slammed' journalist from The Guardian

The reporter, Jacobs, claims he was body-slammed, told to 'Get the hell out' & that his glasses were broken ||Other journalists at the scene corroborate Jacobs' story ||The…

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Trump's tough talk on Canadian lumber anything but unprecedented

Trump pledged to charge an additional?20% tax on softwood lumber from Canada||This amounts to $1 billion in extra duties Canada is expected to pay||This dispute between US-Canada on softwood…

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