Jeff Halperin


Jeff is a writer and editor from Toronto, Canada.


Aung San Suu Kyi not retiring anytime soon

Says the spokesman of Myanmar`s ruling National League for Democracy (NLD) U Myo Nyunt Read Article

Trump: 'Sessions should never have recused himself", warns Mueller about investigating his finances

The comments come in a wide-ranging New York Times interview

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Trump Jr told Kremlin behind effort to help father's campaign: NY Times

The president's son reportedly knew a meeting was part of a Russian plot to help his father get elected, then went anyway

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Trump abandons Western countries at G20, sidles up to Putin

Trump split with US intel by accepting Putin's claim Russia didn't interfere in the US election, then pledged to work with Russia on cybersecurity ||Trump also split with all Western…

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Donald Trump tweets video of himself physically attacking photo-shopped CNN logo

The original meme was made by a Reddit user named HansAssholeSolo, who in his threads has made jokes about killing cats, stabbing Muslims, and has used virulently homophobic and racist language…

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Driving in India: An invisible order

Western people think roads in India are just insane jungles. Well they're not totally wrong, but under the chaos are lessons worth emulating Read Article

Trump's connection to Russia doesn't end with Flynn

Trump's head of national security lied about discussing US sanctions with the Russian ambassador and resigned, but Putin still looms Read Article

Trump's 'Winter White House' raises more conflict of interest accusations

Trump is getting free advertising for his private golf club, which charges more than $200,000 to be a member, by hosting Japan's PM there Read Article

OPINION: White House list of 78 terrorist attacks it claims media ignored ignores terrorism by white people

Trump is actively stigmatising Muslims and vilifying the media, and in the process ignoring many real threats to America Read Article

Analysis: Trump, Russia and Deutsche Bank?Links that raise many, many questions

Trump has received funding from Russia, which is now amping up war in Ukraine, and Deutsche Bank, guilty lately of major financial crimes Read Article

Trump silences environmental agency, Republicans propose bills to curb protesting

Together, these undermine both the Constitutionally protected right to freedom of assembly and, also, the natural world Read Article

Will Trump's presidency be legitimate? Probably not: Opinion

An American politician labelled Trump 'illegitimate' and calls for impeachment have begun before he takes office. This is very, very… Read Article

Indian Bhangra dancers meet Canadian winter, with excellent results

2016: Musicians are all dead, Trump will be president, winters are freezing. Canada and the world needs the infectious joy of these men Read Article

George Michael: Quietly charitable pop star even more inspiring than people thought

The late British musician, who was found dead in his bed on Christmas day, spent years anonymously doing wonderful things for people Read Article

Watch: Video shows Trump lying, admits he has a 'relationship' with Vladimir Putin

A day before the Electoral College votes for US president, critics fear Trump's deep, numerous and secret connections to Russia Read Article