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Jeff is a writer and editor from Toronto, Canada.


Aung San Suu Kyi not retiring anytime soon

Says the spokesman of Myanmar`s ruling National League for Democracy (NLD) U Myo Nyunt Read Article

Trump: 'Sessions should never have recused himself", warns Mueller about investigating his finances

The comments come in a wide-ranging New York Times interview

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Trump Jr told Kremlin behind effort to help father's campaign: NY Times

The president's son reportedly knew a meeting was part of a Russian plot to help his father get elected, then went anyway

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Trump abandons Western countries at G20, sidles up to Putin

Trump split with US intel by accepting Putin's claim Russia didn't interfere in the US election, then pledged to work with Russia on cybersecurity ||Trump also split with all Western…

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Donald Trump tweets video of himself physically attacking photo-shopped CNN logo

The original meme was made by a Reddit user named HansAssholeSolo, who in his threads has made jokes about killing cats, stabbing Muslims, and has used virulently homophobic and racist language…

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Trump's flip-flop on Syria

In 2013 Trump opposed Syrian intervention. Then he ran a campaign opposing military intervention. Today he blames Obama for not doing enough Read Article

Roller skating in the Himalayas

Forget the sites associated with Gandhi, Nehru or even Hanuman. On my little Shimla journey I tasted some real India magic on roller skates Read Article

Fake News: What it's really about---work in progess, don't publish yet!!

Bad journalism should not be conflated with Fake News, and the people confusing the issue are usually the source of the Fake News itself Read Article

Toronto mayor visits New Delhi to promote Canada's largest city to Indian business, students

John Tory emphasised Toronto as a centre for commerce, culture and multiculturalism in an effort to increase Indo-Canadian ties Read Article

Former Trump advisor admits to 'innocuous' private contact with Russian DNC hacker during election

Roger Stone said that he communicated directly with Guccifer 2.0, who US intelligence says hacked the Democrats to help get Trump elected Read Article

Trump campaign communicated with Russian hackers during election, claims report

A published email claiming to be from 'Guccifer 2.0' to Roger Stone would prove that Trump's campaign communicated with Kremlin… Read Article

Donald Trump himself met Russian ambassador before election: Report

US intelligence agrees Russia interfered with the US election. Donald Trump met their ambassador in April 2016, and lied about it Read Article

Trump ally says he worked with Assange pre-election to spread Clinton emails in abusive Twitter tirade

Roger Stone's meltdown came as US intelligence investigates Russia's interference in the US election and Trump's connections to Russia Read Article

Ode to Russian Nikolai Gogol, the bizarre and beautiful literary master who died on this day in 1852

Famous for weird short stories featuring ghosts and a man who wakes up one day without a nose, it's 'Dead Souls' that will live… Read Article

Trump?s Congress address analysed: How did this speech fool so many news outlets?

Trump has conditioned the media to expect a madman and a pathological liar, so he impressed many pundits by only lying Read Article