Gyan Anant Vidyalaya is turning rural children into thinkers and leaders

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NEW DELHIUpdated: Mar 10, 2021, 12:59 PM IST
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Mobius Foundation believes that educating people is the best way to impart a sustainable lifestyle. Photograph:(WION)

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Mobius Foundation has been running Gyan Anant Vidyalaya (GAV) in the rural area of Ghaziabad district of the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. 

Ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all is one of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. Bringing education to rural and underprivileged children is crucial to achieving this goal. 

With this aim, Mobius Foundation has been running Gyan Anant Vidyalaya (GAV) in the rural area of Ghaziabad district of the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. 

GAV will be a K-12 CBSE board, Co-education School, with the session beginning on April 21.  

Located near village Atrauli, the Vidyalaya provides quality education to rural children. GAV has all the facilities of an urban school to fulfil the aspirations of the rural population.

The school is different as it focuses on the all-round development of the children, to help them become responsible citizens.

GAV seeks to support rural children in nurturing various skills and talents to the fullest extent. Besides shaping up responsible and competent citizens, the emphasis is on spreading knowledge and awareness on sustainability, to ensure children resonate with nature and feel responsible towards it.

GAV's vision is to provide quality education in a secure, eco-friendly and nurturing environment. Its mission is to help students develop into proactive thinkers and responsible citizens committed to the goals of sustainability. 

GAV aims to address environmental issues by bringing awareness through sustainable education. It is a place where new ideas germinate, develop roots and grow tall and sturdy. 

GAV has infrastructure comparable to any urban school, thereby addressing the requirement of best in class infrastructure in the rural areas to reduce urban-rural divide.

Diversity of subjects and co-curricular activities along with the guidance of competent teachers is aimed at ensuring that students reach their full potential. 

Education at GAV is meant to spread awareness about environmental issues and thus aims to be an epicentre for spreading awareness on sustainability and efforts to lead to a self-sustained society.

Students will understand key areas of sustainability such as reducing air pollution, maximising the use of renewable energy, waste management and recycling of resources, which have become the prime concern for the preservation of our planet and the survival of future generation.

The School has been awarded IGBC Green School Platinum rating for sustainable design and development for its infrastructure.

Teachers with excellence in their respective domains will be chosen from a vast pool of talent to guide the school towards excellence.

They will focus on shaping the leaders of tomorrow by providing quality education. They will help students put sustainability education into practice. 

Teachers with a learning approach to impart knowledge with enthusiasm will be selected. The team will undergo a training programme to imbibe and acquire Mobius values, SDGs and aspects of climate reality on joining.

The school will employ the latest teaching techniques to ensure that students not only earn certificates but also accumulate knowledge during their stay. 

The school believes in creating mature, knowledgeable individuals who are an asset to their society.  

Renewable Energy Park on the campus is planned to reflect usage of solar light, airpower and biogas.

It will promote eco-friendly commuting practice by providing bicycle facility and bus services. 

The campus is designed for universal accessibility, having separate specially designed toilets and parking, proper ramps, and tactile flooring for the especially abled.